Edward Tarte Shares the Catholic Eulogy He Never Gave

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Edward Tarte Shares His Thoughts About Funerals

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Edward Tarte Shares His Thoughts About Cancer

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Welcoming Edward Tarte

[Hemant says: People have often expressed to me how much they appreciate Edward Tarte‘s videos, so I’m happy to say he’ll be creating a series of videos specifically for readers of this site. This is his first.] [Read more…]

Catholic Priest Tries to Use Pascal’s Wager in an Online Debate; An Atheist Politely Destroys Him

Edward Tarte has been having an online debate with a Catholic priest, Father TJ. (Incidentally, Father TJ attended the same seminary Edward went to before he became an atheist.) The latest point from Father TJ is essentially Pascal’s Wager: “What if I’m right and you atheists are wrong?” I love Edward’s response because it gets [Read More…]