Edward Tarte: Cancer-Free!

Our friend Edward Tarte, who had made plans to donate his body to a local medical school if the situation ever presented itself, has some good news: He’s cancer-free! Glad you’re healthy, Edward [Read more…]

Inspired by Hitchens, An Atheist Makes Plans to Donate His Body to Science

I had posted earlier that Christopher Hitchens‘ body would be donated to science, per his wishes. Hearing that inspired Edward Tarte to take action. He just signed the paperwork to donate his body to the Baylor College of Medicine. Thanks for being a great role model for the rest of us, Edward! (And please stay [Read More…]

What Do Atheists Live For?

Edward Tarte got that question from one of his YouTube commenters and he responds beautifully in the video below. As he says, there’s nothing depressing about there not being an afterlife, either. All you have to do is make the most of the time you have. [Read more…]

His Doctors Deserve All the Credit

Our Youtube friend Edward Tarte recently underwent surgery to remove cancer and I’m happy to report that it went successfully! It looks like the cancer is gone from his body. (In case there’s any confusion, the date he mentions in the video isn’t accurate): Feel free to leave some positive thoughts on his YouTube channel [Read More…]

Priests Get Angry, Too

All groups have their in-fighting, even Catholic priests. Edward Tarte shares a fascinating story about his time in the priesthood when there was some drama in his rectory because he and a colleague participated in a Cursillo retreat. [Read more…]