Priests Get Angry, Too

All groups have their in-fighting, even Catholic priests. Edward Tarte shares a fascinating story about his time in the priesthood when there was some drama in his rectory because he and a colleague participated in a Cursillo retreat. [Read more…]

The Priestly Bubble

Edward Tarte used to be a budding Catholic priest before he eventually because an atheist. He acknowledges being trapped in a bubble during his time in the Church hierarchy, never discussing the issues you imagine priests would talk about — the problem of suffering, why God is so damn evil in the Bible, gay rights, [Read More…]

God is No Loving Father

Edward Tarte gives the rational, realistic, sensible, atheist take on the Japanese earthquake/tsunami (and any “loving” god who would allow this to happen… or cause it in the first place): Edward definitely speaks for me in that video. You too? [Read more…]

A Bible I Would Read

Well. this is one way to get people to read the Bible… just Hipster-ize it: Too bad there are only a few pages available. Someone needs to flesh this thing out! While you’re at it, please flesh out Edward Tarte‘s “honest” version of the Bible — you have to wonder why it wasn’t written this [Read More…]

Leaving Godless Leaflets on Their Cars

You know what I like about Doug Stewart? Instead of preaching to the choir, he politely (or passive-aggressively?) steps into the world of the religious and offers himself as a go-to guy for all questions atheism-related. Last time we saw him, he was driving with a mini-atheist-billboard on top of his car: This was in [Read More…]