Armin Navabi Describes the “Poison Pill of Islam” in These Powerful Videos

Seth Andrews recently spoke with Armin Navabi, the founder of Atheist Republic, about his journey out of Islam and what he thinks about the movement to moderate the faith.

These videos are as powerful and honest as anything you’ll ever see about the faith.


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An Ex-Muslim, Once Married to a Terrorist, Shares Her Inspirational Story

Seth Andrews recently spoke with Yasmine Mohammed, an ex-Muslim who was once married to an actual terrorist. Her story is incredible.


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Muslim Woman Claims Ex-Muslims Just Want To Cash In On Apostasy

In a really awful attempt at humor, actress Mariam Sobh posted a video explaining why ex-Muslims speak out against the faith: They just want cash.

It’s a despicable way to dismiss a sincere, thoughtful group of people, many of whom have risked their lives by sharing their own stories of apostasy.

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Author Ali Rizvi Explains the Problem With the Term “Islamophobia”

Ali Rizvi, the author of The Atheist Muslim, recently sat down for a really compelling 12-minute interview. It includes his suggestions for how to curb radical Islam.


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Ex-Muslims: Why Would God Give Us Brains and Then Punish Us for Using Them?

Hazar and Lina, sisters from Syria, felt a pull away from Islam from a young age.


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