A Male Student in Utah Complained That Cheerleaders’ Skirts Caused Him to Have “Impure” Thoughts

A male student at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah — an overwhelmingly Mormon city — complained to authorities that the cheerleaders’ short skirts were causing him to have impure thoughts. The student’s mother also complained, and the girls were apparently told not to wear their uniforms at last Friday’s game.


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Podcast Ep. 127: Dr. Karen Garst, Editor of Women Beyond Belief

Our latest podcast guest is Dr. Karen Garst, editor of a new book called Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion.


Garst is the former executive director of the Oregon Community College Association and Oregon State Bar. She also writes at the website Faithless Feminist.

We spoke about how women are uniquely affected in a negative way by religion, what’s stopping more women from leaving their faith, and why we don’t see more women celebrated as atheists.

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Pope Francis Creates Commission to Study Historical Role of Female Deacons

Pope Francis has formed a commission to study the history of women as deacons in the Catholic Church (a rank just below priests). The findings could lead to the Church to finally change its position on the matter. Because I guess you need 12 people to say “Yes, obviously. Why the hell are we still discussing this?” before it sinks in…


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Christian Pastor: Men Rule Over Women at Home, and I’ll Arm Wrestle Any Woman Here Who Disagrees

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson said in a recent sermon that men are superior to women in the home and church because the Bible said so, and that “misogyny” was just some trendy buzzword. He closed this portion of the service by challenging any woman in the audience to arm wrestle him. Because that’s how you settle this debate.


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Christian Pastor: A Clinton Presidency Is the “Final Chapter” of Feminists’ War Against America

Right-wing Pastor Kevin Swanson really doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be President. On his radio show earlier this week, he explained that having a female Commander-in-Chief would be the culmination of the feminist movement’s war against America.


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