Fundamentalist Christian Pastor Bashes “We Can Do It” Mentality Among Women Because It’s Unbiblical

Here are the rules for a new game I recently invented: Whenever Pastor Steven Anderson releases a video, I click on a random part of it and listen for a minute. If I hear him say something crazy, I post about it. If he doesn’t, I skip it.

Looks like we have a winner with his latest sermon. (Though, with a title like “Attributes of a Godly Woman,” you knew it’d be hard to *not* find gold.)

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Breaking Free from the Church

In 2010, Pastor David Hayward (a.k.a. nakedpastor) left the ministry after 30 years. He didn’t become an atheist, but he was tired of so much of what Christianity had become and his personal theology didn’t match that of other church leaders. In the midst of his cartoons, many of which I’ve featured on this site, he also began drawing “Sophia,” a woman who represented his own journey away from the church. I’m thrilled that he’s compiled those drawings, along with his own “meditations” in a book called The Liberation of Sophia:

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You Won’t Believe the Advice This Christian Minister Gave to Married Women on Twitter

Tony Rapu, a Christian minister from Nigeria, is the kind of guy who gives sermons on Twitter with a series of short messages grouped together with a hashtag. Last week, he spoke about married men with tweets such as this:

That’s nice. That’s pleasant. That’s powerful.

Today, Rapu decided to give advice to #MarriedWomen… but it was a very different kind of advice. It boiled down to: “Obey your husbands because he can do no wrong, you inferior objects, you.”

Have a look at Rapu’s four hour-long Bible-inspired train wreck:

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The Vatican Finally Admits That Most Catholics Ignore Church Teaching on Sexuality

Call it the Catholic Church’s dirty little secret.

Well, their other dirty little secret.

Actually, at this point it’s kind of an open secret. Most people with even a passing interest in matters of religion and sexuality are aware that a huge percentage of European and North American Catholics ignore the Vatican’s teachings in areas where these matters intersect. Controversy over birth control notwithstanding, most Catholic families show evidence of family planning use, and the majority of Catholic women have used contraceptives at some point in life. A growing contingent of Catholics describe themselves as pro-choice in matters of abortion and assisted dying. And Catholics — youth in particular — express growing support for marriage equality and gay families.

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I Guess This Christian Apologist Learns Nothing from Women

Frank Turek, a Christian apologist who has written plenty of easily-debunkable books about why the Bible is *totally* true, just released his personal list of the “Top 20 Christian Apologists” — the people who have influenced him the most.

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