Does Religion Make People Good? Of Course Not, Says Author of New Book

Barbara G. Walker, an author and past recipient of the American Humanist Association’s “Humanist Heroine Award,” has written quite a bit about the intersection of feminism and religion. And her latest collection of essays, Belief & Unbelief (Humanist Press, 2015), holds little back, dismantling many of the defenses we frequently hear about religion.

In the excerpt below (published without footnotes for ease of reading), Walker explains how religious belief doesn’t actually make you good:

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No Women Allowed at This Church Event… Unless They’re Serving the Men

New Harmony Church in Salem, Missouri has a big “Sportsmen’s Banquet” this Saturday night. (Because Jesus loved “wild game meat.”)

But their promotional poster could use a little tweaking…

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Saudi TV Host Laughs In Guest’s Face When He Proposes a Bizarre Solution For the Driving Ban

I’m delighted that the wonderfully tenacious interviewer in this news clip from Saudi TV eventually loses her composure and quietly busts a gut.

Her guest is historian Saleh Al-Saadoon, who thinks that women driving cars will lead to their being sexually assaulted. In America and Europe, women don’t care about being raped, he says, but Saudi women do, and the ladies ought to be grateful that their husbands and sons and brothers drive them everywhere and treat them “like queens.”

As the host’s incredulity mounts, we see a few seconds of another (unidentified) guest, also a woman, who appears to be stifling her laughter. At 1:15, she even does see a blink-and-you-missed-it little eye roll, followed by a shake of the head.

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We Knew the Bible Didn’t Take Women Very Seriously… Now There Are Numbers to Back It Up

You probably have a pretty good idea already, but if you ever find yourself wondering exactly how women’s ideas fared in the Bible, a recent project by an Episcopal priest, Reverend Lindsay Hardin Freeman and three other women in her church community, might give you an inkling. Freeman and her group pored through the text to find all the women in the Bible, and what they said.

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Frozen Empowers Girls at Expense of Boys, Say Fox News Host & CEO of Christian Women’s Group

On Wednesday’s Fox and Friends, host Steve Doocy interviewed Concerned Women for America’s CEO Penny Nance. If you’re not familiar with CWFA, it’s an anti-feminist conservative Christian women’s group designed to “protect and promote Biblical values among all citizens.” And in case you weren’t sure what that means, it’s pretty much forcing far-right Christian “values” on everyone — with a special emphasis on going after women’s rights (although LGBT people are popular targets as well).

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