Conservative Blogger Deeply Hurt Samantha Bee Ignores All His Great Suggestions

How dare Samantha Bee host a show without giving any thought or consideration for what right-wing blogger Christian Toto wants to see?

samantha bee

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Franklin Graham To Kate Middleton: Don’t Want Your Topless Photos To Leak? Then “Keep Your Top On”

That is slut-shaming at a level only Christian leaders can manage.


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Kansas City Archdiocese Abandons Girl Scouts Because an Archbishop Thinks Cookies Fund Abortions

The Archdiocese of Kansas City (in Kansas) is finally taking action against the people who routinely ignore the Catholic Church’s stated values.

No, not the pedophile priests. They’re going after the little girls selling you cookies.


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Crying GOP Rep. Wants God’s Forgiveness for First Amendment, Women’s Rights, and Marriage Equality

It’s incredible how much Rep. Randy Weber hates other people having the same rights as him.


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Breastfeeding Mother Gets Kicked Out of Virginia Church Because Women’s Bodies Are Scary

It’s hardly surprising that a Christian church would have a problem with a woman’s body, but it’s still stunning to hear the lengths they’ll go to in order to cover them up.


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