Christian Pastor: Men Rule Over Women at Home, and I’ll Arm Wrestle Any Woman Here Who Disagrees

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson said in a recent sermon that men are superior to women in the home and church because the Bible said so, and that “misogyny” was just some trendy buzzword. He closed this portion of the service by challenging any woman in the audience to arm wrestle him. Because that’s how you settle this debate.


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Christian Pastor: A Clinton Presidency Is the “Final Chapter” of Feminists’ War Against America

Right-wing Pastor Kevin Swanson really doesn’t want Hillary Clinton to be President. On his radio show earlier this week, he explained that having a female Commander-in-Chief would be the culmination of the feminist movement’s war against America.


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Christian Pastor: Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President Because the Bible Forbids It

The American Pastors Network, a group of conservative Christian leaders, recently hosted a discussion on whether it’s biblical to have women in government positions on its “Stand in the Gap” radio show. You won’t be surprised to learn the answer is a definitive “No,” at least for one of the panelists.


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Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Warns That Powerful Democratic Party Women Drain Testosterone from Men

Scott Adams, creator of the popular office-life comic strip Dilbert, has filed a disturbing report that will surely rock the science world. While watching the Democratic National Convention, the traumatic sight of powerful women chemically altered him by lowering his testosterone and inducing a biological depression. He now fears men across America suffered the same tragic fate. Yes, friends, vampire Dem women have the power to suck the very man-force from America, and they aren’t afraid to use it.


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Catholic School Issues Dance Rules: No Cleavage, Heels Stay On, and Only “Serious” Dates Allowed

St Dominic’s Catholic College, an all-girls’ school in New Zealand, has some weird rules about what the ladies can and cannot wear to the upcoming seniors ball:

None of you are going to prom.

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