Jew For Jesus Guy Is All Kinds Of Confused About Sexual Harassment

Dr. Michael Brown would like to know: Is it really sexual harassment if a guy thinks a woman is craving male attention?


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NH State Rep. Robert Fisher, a Republican Atheist, Created Reddit’s Anti-Feminist “Red Pill” Forum

New Hampshire Republican State Rep. Robert Fisher is an atheist.

That would be big news… if not for the other revelation that he’s also the creator of “The Red Pill,” the famously misogynistic subreddit.


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The #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear Hashtag Is a Sad Reflection on Evangelical Gender Roles

The hashtag #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear offers a disturbing account of how evangelical Christianity sees women.

They’re not considered leaders, but background broodmares who are only as good as the husbands they support, the children they pop out, and the words they don’t say.


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Pat Robertson: I Prefer Manly Men

Let it be known that Pat Robertson doesn’t like effeminate men. He prefers the kind who are strong and masculine and not wimpy.


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Podcast Ep. 155: Mike Pence Eats Alone (and Other Stories)

Why does Vice President Mike Pence have to eat alone? We discussed that question and several others on this week’s podcast.


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