Florida High School Says That “Good” Girls Only Wear Certain Kinds of Prom Dresses

A series of four posters put up on the walls of Florida’s Stanton College Preparatory School sent the message that young women who covered their bodies at Prom were “good” girls, but those who wore anything even slightly revealing were not.


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Mike Pence Refusing To Eat With Women Other Than His Wife Isn’t An Endearing Love Story

In a story about Karen Pence, the wife of the Vice President, the Washington Post‘s Ashley Parker recalled a particular detail that’s not surprising for those familiar with evangelical Christianity but probably sounds downright bizarre to everyone else.


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Ultra-Orthodox Jews Who Can’t Handle Images of Women Cropped the Female Smurf Out of Movie Posters

If a drawing of a fictional blue creature with blonde hair offends your religious sensibilities, then there’s something wrong with your religion.


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This Catholic School Has a Long List of Rules for Girls to Follow So They’re Not Slutty at Prom

Apparently, the prom theme at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford, Illinois will be “Let’s Slut-Shame All the Ladies.”


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This 12-Year-Old Girl Offers a Powerful Defense of Sex Education, Birth Control, and Feminism

I didn’t realize it was possible to give a standing ovation over the internet, but it’s happening.


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