Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson: “The Bible Makes You Smart. College Makes You Dumb”

It’s been a while since we checked in on Christian Hate-Pastor Steven Anderson, hasn’t it? No worries. He hasn’t missed a beat.


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Televangelist Lori Bakker: Most Participants in the Women’s March Were “Molested” or “Abused”

The opposition to stupidity and blissful ignorance is coming from everywhere, not just people Trump’s defenders believe are “broken.”


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Female Christian Shop Owner Won’t Sell Pink Pussyhat Yarn to Those Fighting For Women’s Equality

A Tennessee knitting store owner is refusing to do business with anyone who comes to her shop for “pussyhat” pink yarn — or other supplies to be used in support of the “vulgarity, vile and evilness” of the feminist movement.


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Christian Right Pastor: Women’s March Participants Are on the “Godless Side” of a “Spiritual” War

I’m sure the religious women who marched don’t appreciate their faith being downplayed by a pastor.


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Mississippi State Senator Reacts to Women’s March: “Almost All Liberal Women Are Unhappy”

Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel lived up to every stereotype of Republicans in his state when he reacted to the weekend’s Women’s March with this display of ignorance and sexism.


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