Shaming Feminine Trans Women Is Not Feminism

Gender stereotyping is the oldest trick in the book. But according to Jennifer Fitz, it’s the “hot new thing.”

In a recent piece for her Patheos blog, Fitz denounces the existence of transgender identities, saying that trans people are merely playing into gender stereotypes when they transition.

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Mormon Leader Tells Single Women to Put on Lipstick and Stop Looking Like Men

Remember last week, when a Mormon leader talked about how Kim Davis was wrong to use her faith as an excuse not to do her job?

If you thought the Mormon Church had changed, this next video should disabuse you of those notions.

In a recent speech, Elder M. Russell Ballard, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, told a group of Mormon singles what they ought to do in order to get married.

He had some very specific advice for the women…

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Tennessee Church Kicked Out of Baptist Association for Electing Female Pastor

The Greater Tabernacle Church in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee just got kicked out of the Lawrence County Association of Baptists. It’s a serious matter since they could now lose their building. The deed says the space is only available to the congregation as long as they’re members of the Baptist association in good standing.

What horrible thing did they do to get kicked out of the association?

They voted for a woman to be their new pastor.

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Pastor Douglas Wilson: “Christian Women Are a Lot Prettier” Than Other Women

No doubt breaking the hearts of women around the world, earlier this week, Pastor Douglas Wilson (below) declared that Christian women are simply prettier than “women in the general population.”

Devastated non-Christian women everywhere need not fear, however. There is a remedy!

If you want to be perceived as more attractive by Pastor Wilson and those who share his views, all you have to do is be a duly-shamed and submissive doormat.

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A Christian Pastor’s Advice for Women

Gospel Baptist Church (Florida) Pastor Bill Lytell tells the women-folk in the congregation about their job description:

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