Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Warns That Powerful Democratic Party Women Drain Testosterone from Men

Scott Adams, creator of the popular office-life comic strip Dilbert, has filed a disturbing report that will surely rock the science world. While watching the Democratic National Convention, the traumatic sight of powerful women chemically altered him by lowering his testosterone and inducing a biological depression. He now fears men across America suffered the same tragic fate. Yes, friends, vampire Dem women have the power to suck the very man-force from America, and they aren’t afraid to use it.


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Catholic School Issues Dance Rules: No Cleavage, Heels Stay On, and Only “Serious” Dates Allowed

St Dominic’s Catholic College, an all-girls’ school in New Zealand, has some weird rules about what the ladies can and cannot wear to the upcoming seniors ball:

None of you are going to prom.

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Dad Tells Daughter He’ll Break Her Future Boyfriend’s Legs and She’s Going to Work For Jesus

While it seems most of the internet is laughing at a viral video of a father taunting his daughter with threats that he’ll break her future boyfriend’s legs, insisting “You’re going to be a nun” and that she’s “going to work for Jesus,” I’m reluctant to join them.


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Harriet Tubman Was Christian, but Other Women Who Will Be On Our Money Were Critics of Religion

When we’re talking about the new faces that will eventually appear on U.S. currency, most of the attention is rightfully on Harriet Tubman, the soon-to-be face of the $20 bill. While many people are excited that a woman will finally be on the front of the bill, others are also excited that Tubman was an “unabashed Christian.”

But there are many new faces who will soon appear on our money, and many of the other women had plenty of unkind things to say about religion. Let’s not forget them in this discussion.

Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Here’s How Religion Contributes to the Wage Gap

When politicians and pundits say women make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, it’s usually a prelude to the “equal pay for equal work” argument. That’s a fine goal, of course, but the statistic is misleading. The problem isn’t that women and men get paid different amounts for the same work, but that a variety of forces lead women and men to take different jobs with very different salaries.

According to a working paper by Travis Wiseman (Mississippi State University) and Nabamita Dutta (University of Wisconsin, La Crosse), religion is one of the main factors shaping that wage gap.


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