Christian Writer Tells Women How to “Learn Their Place”

The website BiblicalGenderRoles has made an appearance here before for its discussion of how God is totally cool with rape within marriage. And how God wants women to eliminate rape from their vocabulary. And how God wants husbands to withhold money from their wives as punishment.

More recently, BGR’s spokesman-for-God answers a burning question: How can you help the women in your life “learn their place“?


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The Archbishop Never Should Have Gone After the Girl Scouts

Last week, St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson told priests, scout leaders, and parishioners that they should dissociate from the Girl Scouts because of the organization’s “continued promotion of contraception and ‘abortion rights’,” its promotion of feminists like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, and its inclusion of transgender members.

Samantha Bee explored that story last night, highlighting Carlson’s hypocrisy when it comes to sound judgment:


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St. Louis Archbishop Takes Aim at Girl Scouts for Promoting Women’s Rights

The idea of empowered girls who understand their biology is not something that seems to sit well with the Archbishop of St. Louis, Robert Carlson. In a letter to local priests, scout leaders and parishioners, he advised

each pastor that allows Girl Scout troops to meet on parish property to conduct a meeting with troop leadership to review these concerns and discuss implementing alternative options for the formation of our girls.


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Scott Walker’s “Pro-Life” Appointees Oppose the Most Effective Measure Against Unplanned Pregnancy

Wisconsin Governor and fallen presidential tribute Scott Walker has made no secret of his extreme anti-abortion views — being so fanatical that he can’t even bring himself to support abortion exceptions to save a woman’s life, because, you know, “pro-life.”


So it’s little wonder that he chooses extreme anti-choice people as political appointees. But if you think that stops at abortion, you would be very much mistaken. These “pro-life” champs are so opposed to women’s reproductive freedom that they also crusade against the one thing that is actually proven to reduce unplanned pregnancies (and abortion): contraceptive use.

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Christian Pastor Preaches Against Women Having the Right to Vote or Getting a Job Outside the Home

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson recently uploaded a clip from an old sermon in which he rails against women’s rights.

He’s angry they were ever given any in the first place and nostalgic for the days when they didn’t have them.

And the Bible, of course, justifies all this.


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