Trump Saying “Pussy” Not As Damning As Clinton Having One, Says “Coach” Dave Daubenmire

Dave Daubenmire — a man best known for having been fired from his job as a football coach after forcing students to pray with him — has some thoughts on the presidential election, especially the failure of American pastors to properly warn their congregations of the dangers of a WOMAN president.

Quelle horreur!

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As a Girl, She Didn’t Experience the Paranormal; The Same Reasoning Helped Her Leave Christianity

For all the progress feminists have made worldwide over the past century, and despite the religious criticism we’ve heard more recently, women are still uniquely affected by bad beliefs. They’re told to be subservient, or to cover their entire bodies, or that they can’t receive a formal education, etc.

Dr. Karen Garst has now published a book compiling the stories of 22 women who shed their faith and want to tell you how it happened. It’s called Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life Without Religion (Pitchstone Publishing, 2016).


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God Is Definitely Not a Feminist

If God loves women, He has a weird way of showing it:


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AZ Boys Soccer Team Forfeits Game Because Girls Play on the Other Team and That Makes Jesus Cry

A Christian school’s boys soccer team forfeited a game on Friday because their opponents included two girls.


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A Male Student in Utah Complained That Cheerleaders’ Skirts Caused Him to Have “Impure” Thoughts

A male student at Timpview High School in Provo, Utah — an overwhelmingly Mormon city — complained to authorities that the cheerleaders’ short skirts were causing him to have impure thoughts. The student’s mother also complained, and the girls were apparently told not to wear their uniforms at last Friday’s game.


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