Donald Trump Says Women Who Have Abortions Deserve “Some Form of Punishment”

Donald Trump said in a Town Hall interview with Chris Matthews (airing later tonight on MSNBC) that women who have abortions need to have “some form of punishment.”

Whether that’s a fine or jail time, Trump wasn’t sure, since he never likes to think through any of his grand ideas, but the implication was clear: Women who exercise their reproductive rights need to be penalized for it.

Meanwhile, Trump is still defending his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who’s been charged with battery for grabbing a reporter. “I don’t discard people,” Trump said.


So there you go, women. If you want a safe and legal abortion, be sure you’re working for Donald Trump first. Problem solved.

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Southern Baptist Leader Blames “Pagan Patriarchy” for Donald Trump’s Attacks on Heidi Cruz

In the battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s wife, Southern Baptist leader Russell Moore knows who’s to blame for this embarrassing back and forth. And it’s not the GOP.


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Conservative PAC Slut-Shames Melania Trump in Bid to Boost Ted Cruz

There are roughly a million and one good reasons to oppose a Donald Trump presidency. So what, with so many prime targets, would a conservative anti-Trump super PAC like Make America Awesome go with?

Demonstrating yet again the Republican Party’s progressive stance on women’s issues, they’ve released an ad in Utah targeting Trump’s wife, Melania, and her modeling days.

The new Facebook ads feature a photo of her posing nude, with the caption “Meet Melania Trump. Your next first lady. Or, you could support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.”


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Christian Preacher Elaborates on Why Women Shouldn’t Wear Pants

Christian Pastor Steven Anderson spent part of a recent sermon up at a whiteboard detailing to his congregation what clothes men and women should wear.

Pants? Don’t you dare think about being a woman who wears pants. Skirts? A dress? Fine. But no pants. Because Jesus.


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Christian Purity Site: Girls Who Dress Immodestly Reduce Their Own “Value and Respect”

The purity culture group Secret Keeper Girl posted an odd message for young women last week, comparing them to iPads and suggesting that Jesus won’t love them if they don’t cover up their bodies:

Here’s the original post in all its grammatical/format sloppiness:


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