An Atheist Attorney Filmed a Commercial At (a Very Empty) Ark Encounter

Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel visited Ken Ham‘s Ark Encounter recently, and he used the opportunity to comment on what was inside… as well as film a commercial for his organization.


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OK House Passes Bill Making Good Friday a State Holiday… Because Everybody’s Christian, Right?

If HB 1444 becomes law in Oklahoma, Good Friday will become an official state holiday. Because Christians need another perk from the government.


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ACLU and FFRF File Appeal to Stop Indiana School’s “Still-Life” Nativity Scene in Holiday Concert

As it stands, an Indiana school district is allowed to include a mannequin-laden Nativity scene during the holiday concert. Church/state separation groups are trying to put a stop to that.

This scene belongs in a church play, not a public school concert.

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Atheists Sue Texas Judge Over His Coercive Christian Prayers at Hearings

A Texas judge who has been praying at hearings for years — making the people in his courtroom feel excluded, awkward, and weary of getting real justice if they don’t participate — is finally getting sued by a group of atheists.


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Atheists Call on Longwood (FL) Officials to Remove Christian Veterans Memorial from City Building

For some reason, the Longwood City Hall building in Florida honors veterans by reminding people that only Christians fight for this country. At least that’s the impression you’d get when you see the large cross with the words “We Will Never Forget Their Sacrifices” that they’re using as a memorial.


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