Wisconsin Public School District Puts Developmentally Delayed 3-Year-Olds in a Christian Program

For three-year-olds with developmental delays, the Beaver Dam Unified School District in Wisconsin has a program in which those kids are sent to a private preschool. It’s a way to give those kids the attention and help they need.

But when one mother was told about the program, she was directed to St. Katherine’s, a Catholic school whose program for children is called “God’s Little Miracles.” (If you can’t tell, indoctrinating kids into Christianity is one of their goals.)


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Church/State Separation Groups Warn Trenton (NJ) Police Against Sending Curfew Violators to Church

Over the weekend, I mentioned that police in Trenton, New Jersey had a proposal to curb the recent increase in violence: They would take kids who are caught violating curfew and take them to a local church. As if that wouldn’t create more problems than it would solve.


Thankfully, some church/state separation groups are now taking action.

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Wegmans Store Refuses to Make Cake for Ex-Muslim Group Because Their Existence is “Offensive”

To celebrate their third anniversary, the Ex-Muslims of North America recently contacted a Wegmans grocery store in Fairfax, Virginia with a simple request: They wanted to buy a cake with the group’s logo on it along with the phrase “Congratulations on 3 years!!”


They weren’t asking for a drawing of Muhammad or a statement condemning Islam. They just wanted a cake celebrating their existence.

It was too much for the store to handle:

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Atheists Are Asking Why a Prayer Event in Mission Viejo (CA) Included Two Elected Officials

When it comes to speaking at religious events, the rules for elected officials are pretty damn simple: Don’t do it while acting as a representative of the government. That means Bob the Christian can tell you how awesome Jesus is, but Bob the Mayor has to remain secular while on duty.

Those lines crossed numerous times last month in Mission Viejo, California.

Both Assistant Sheriff Don Barnes and City Councilwoman Wendy Bucknum (who is also Mayor Pro Tem) appeared in their official capacities during a National Day of Prayer event. Bucknum even bragged about how the event was taking place “on city property.”


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CA School District Owes Atheist Groups $10,000 After Censoring Their Scholarship Offers

A California school district will have to pay up after not informing students about two scholarships offered by atheist groups.


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