Mike Huckabee: Atheists Fight Legal Battles Because They “Can’t Stand” Believers

Mike Huckabee, who can always be counted on to say something idiotic in the name of Jesus, lived up to that reputation last night.

He was responding to the atheists who just won a legal battle to take down a giant government-sponsored Christian cross in Pensacola, Florida.


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Giant Christian Cross in Pensacola (FL) Park Has to Come Down Within 30 Days

A U.S. District Court judge said today that a giant Christian cross on city property in Pensacola, Florida is unconstitutional.


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These FL Football Coaches Are Sending Players to a Christian Summer Camp

There will come a day when high school football coaches understand there’s a separation between church and state and refrain from pushing their own religious beliefs on their players.

That day hasn’t come yet.


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Alabama Police Department Brags About Cops Promoting Jesus While on the Job

You would think police officers, even in Alabama, would get how promoting Jesus isn’t part of their job description.


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Alabama High School Warned After Promoting Religion at Graduation Ceremonies

How can one school screw up two graduation ceremonies, including one they weren’t even supposed to be involved with?


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