Atheist Group Donates $10,000 to Flooded Louisiana School District

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is sending the Livingston Parish Public Schools in Louisiana a check for $10,000 to help them rebuild after massive flood-caused damage. FFRF added that the District’s website should also rethink the banner headline quoting the superintendent which reads, “Praying for all of our Livingston Parish people!”


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Atheists (and Jesus) Participated in a Wisconsin Gay Pride Parade

It is always nice to see an atheist presence at LGBT events and they were in full force at the OutReach Pride Parade in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday. Both the Freedom From Religion Foundation and the Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics at UW-Madison had representation there. Chris Line (an FFRF legal intern) took some incredible pictures of the event:


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Atheists File Federal Lawsuit Against Lehigh County (PA) Over Its Christian Seal

Officials in Lehigh County (Pennsylvania) had multiple opportunities over the past year to change their seal, which has a Christian cross right in the middle of it. They never did the right thing. Now, FFRF and four members who live in that community have filed a federal lawsuit against the county.

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Netflix Series Last Chance U Shows Football Players Subject to Illegal Christian Proselytizing

The Netflix series Last Chance U is all about the players on the East Mississippi Community College football team, some of whom were kicked out of their elite Division I programs or didn’t have the grades to compete at that level. The show has received really positive reviews since it became available a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to the uplifting stories, however, there’s another side of the story that got very little coverage: This is a football team where coaches pray with students and push the Bible, acts that might seem inspirational but still violate the law:


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FFRF Goes After Mississippi Police Department That Can’t Stop Promoting Christianity

Last week, I posted about how the Eupora Police Department in Mississippi had put the phrase “In God We Trust” on their vehicles… but rather than leave it at that and just say “We love the U.S. motto!,” they showed their hand by quoting the Bible in a Facebook announcement.

Now the Freedom From Religion Foundation is getting involved.


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