Georgia Clerk Removes Christian Flag from Courtroom, Albeit Very Reluctantly

If you were to visit the Bryan County courthouse in Georgia, you’d see this Christian flag in one of the courtrooms. It finally came down, but not before a lot of pressure.


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Floridians Rebel Against Mosque Polling Place Despite Many Churches Serving the Same Function

A lot of you will inevitably vote in a church this November. It’s legal, as long as there’s no overtly religious imagery present and no one trying to proselytize while you’re there. But it’s understandably frustrating since the boundary between church and state can so easily be blurred. It raises an interesting question: If churches are allowed to be polling places, what about mosques?


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Portable Toilet Company That Refused to Provide Units for Atheist Protest Finally Issues Apology

When atheists protested at the opening of Ark Encounter in Kentucky, they were counting on Five Star Septic and Portable Toilet Rentals (one company) to deliver the portable toilets they needed for the demonstration. After all, it was going to be very hot and there were no restrooms nearby. The company agreed to the rentals a week before the event… but then backed out the morning of the protest.


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Texas High School Busted for Showing Pro-Christian and Anti-Evolution Films in Class

Why would any teachers in their right minds show the stereotype-heavy God’s Not Dead or the anti-evolution Expelled: Intelligence Not Allowed in their public school classrooms? (Answer: Texas.)


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GOP Platform Says Pastors Can Endorse Candidates from the Pulpit Without Losing Tax Exemptions

During Donald Trump‘s official introduction of his running mate Mike Pence today, he bragged about how the Republican platform now calls for a repeal of the Johnson Amendment. If that happens, it would be one of the biggest disasters in a campaign full of horrific ideas.


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