Atheist Threatened Over Ten Commandments Lawsuit: “You Should Be Dragged In the Street and Shot”

One of the atheists who sued to remove a Ten Commandments monument outside Valley High School in New Kensington, PA is receiving death threats after the District settled the case and agreed to pay the atheists’ legal fees.


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After a Long Legal Fight, a PA School Will Remove a Christian Monument (and Pay a Huge Penalty)

After years of battling it out in court, a Pennsylvania school district will have to shell out $163,500 in legal fees for the atheists who sued them to remove a Ten Commandments monument. That’s the cost for the District’s stubbornness and ignorance of the law.


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A New Elementary School in TX Broke Ground With Pastors and Administrators Promoting Christianity

Earlier this month, a groundbreaking ceremony took place in Port Arthur, Texas for what will eventually become the new home for Sam Houston Elementary School. But no one would blame ceremony attendees for asking if this was going to be a private Christian school given that the entire event resembled a church service.


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Who Thought “Jesus, Please Heal My Dog” Would Be a Good Book to Read to Elementary School Students?

Of all the books the administrators at Grassy Pond Elementary School in Gaffney, South Carolina could have read to students, they chose one promoting Christian mythology.


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MN Town Foolishly Votes To Re-Erect Christian War Memorial, So Atheists Will Ask For One, Too

Elected officials in Belle Plaine, Minnesota voted last night to put a Christian war memorial back up, even though they took it down last month to avoid a lawsuit. Now, atheists will request their own monument in the same location and Satanists may follow suit.


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