Portland (OR) High School Ends Decades-Long Tradition of Singing Christian Song at Holiday Concert

Last November, the Portland Public Schools announced that choirs would no longer perform at The Grotto — a Catholic shrine — during its Festival of Lights because it was a religious venue. That changed took place due to pressure from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Now, Cleveland High School (in the same District) has announced that the winter choir concert will no longer end with teachers and staff members singing Handel’s “Messiah” (the “Hallelujah” song) because it’s overtly religious.


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Ten Commandments Sign in Mississippi Courthouse Will Be Replaced with “In God We Trust” Banner

If you were to walk into the Itawamba County Courthouse in Mississippi anytime before last week, you’d see this sign hanging front and center:


It’s not part of some historical display. It’s just a giant sign that says non-Christians aren’t going to get a fair shake under the law.

That’s why the Freedom From Religion Foundation recently pointed out the illegality of the sign, and they announced yesterday that the courthouse would be removing the sign.

But they’re replacing it with a banner that reads “In God We Trust.” Which is *totally* not religious in any way, shape, or form.

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After Kansas Post Office Removes Religious Sign, Residents (Fail to) Get Back at Atheists

A few days ago, I posted about how a “God Bless America” sign outside the post office in Pittsburg, Kansas had been taken down after the Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out (on behalf of a resident) that it was essentially government endorsement of religion.


That didn’t sit over well with residents, so they decided to fight back in a way that has conservatives cheering. The website Twitchy used the clickbait-y headline, “Atheists Bully Small Town to Remove God Bless America Flag, What Happens Next Will Lift Your Spirits.”

What exactly did the people of the town do?

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Illinois Sheriff Defends Courthouse Nativity Scenes, Telling Atheists He Won’t Be Bullied

Last winter, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Jefferson County Board in Illinois after they were notified of two Nativity scene displays at the local courthouse. It took a while, but Sheriff Travis Allen responded this week with a letter that screams “Look at me! I’m a big boy! I’ma coming after you!”


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Texas Mayor Who Put Up “JESUS Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign Says Critics “Have Hate in Their Heart”

Two of our favorite people came together yesterday for a meeting of the closed-minds. Mayor Will Rogers — best known for his “Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” sign in Texas — appeared on Gordon Klingenschmitt‘s “Pray in Jesus Name” talk show. The two discussed how the atheists who urged Rogers to take down his sign [Read More...]

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