Separation of Church and Stomach

The Associated Press has a video report on the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It’s a lighthearted piece — what’s a benefit of atheism? No fasting! — but it’s good exposure nonetheless. Click here for the story; you can see the video when you get there! [tags]atheist, atheism, Hillary Rhodes, asap[/tags] [Read more...]

The Nonbelievers in Boston Globe Magazine

In today’s Boston Globe Magazine, you can read David Abel‘s cover story on “The Nonbelievers” (you may have to register with the newspaper to read it). I had a bad feeling about it when I saw the cover… it misrepresents atheists right off the bat with the headline “There is no God” (a phrase atheists [Read More...]

Atheists in South Carolina

Weekly Surge magazine has a positive article on atheists in South Carolina. There are a lot of quotations from notable atheists and a summation of what it’s like to be non-religious in the state. The first part of the article talks about Eric Heyd, the atheist who (stupidly) wrote “Fuck the skull of Jesus” on [Read More...]

Help the Secular Student Alliance Mobilize Young Atheists

When I started college, I didn’t know many other atheists. I wanted to meet more, and so with the help of another friend, we started the first group at the University of Illinois at Chicago for atheists/Humanists/etc. to discuss and debate religious issues. Through that group, not only did I meet like-minded students, I also [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance’s Director on Freethought Radio

My friend and the Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance, August Brunsman, was a guest on the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s Freethought Radio over the weekend. Download the show here (MP3)! (August comes in around the 16:00 mark.) The Secular Student Alliance is an umbrella organization for high school and college atheist groups, providing [Read More...]