Insight into Sarah Palin’s Theology

Sarah Palin is a member of an Assembly of God church. Guess who just so happened to be a preacher in that denomination? Dan Barker, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Well… before he went public as an atheist. He sheds some light on the theology of that church: Pentecostals are “gifted” people. Besides [Read More...]

How to Be an Atheist Activist

Vjack offers a solid list of steps anyone can take to become an atheist activist: Vote up good atheist-related material on Digg, Reddit, and/or StumbleUpon. This helps others find it. Take action on relevant action alerts you receive. This is typically as simply as making a phone call, signing an on-line petition, or sending a [Read More...]

Imagine No Religion Ad in the New York Times

In case you didn’t pick up a hard copy of today’s The New York Times today, you missed a full-page ad (PDF) placed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation: According to FFRF: “One of the lessons of 9/11 is that there is no greater source of terrorism, strife, bloodshed, persecution or war than religion,” the [Read More...]

Intelligent Design Problem… in Oregon?

You would think Intelligent Design/Creationism controversies would be limited to Bible Belt states like Kansas or Alabama. But Oregon? At Jefferson High School near Salem, Oregon, the science curriculum is pretty standard — they tend to teach real science. Several months ago, however, a local pastor attended a school board meeting and challenged what was [Read More...]

No Prayers at This Senior Center

Back in June, a senior citizen at the Verde Valley Senior Center in Arizona was getting annoyed by the constant Christianity thrown in her face — there were prayers and religious music playing before meals, for example. She told the staff about her concerns, but it didn’t work. She told them this was illegal since [Read More...]