A Mississippi High School Football Coach is the Latest to Baptize a Player While on the Clock

What is it with public high school football coaches who think performing baptisms is part of the job description?

The latest example comes from Newton High School in Mississippi, where football coach Ryan Smithorganized and performed a baptism” on a player.


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Brookville (IN) Officials Finally Ban Displays (Including Nativity Scenes) on Courthouse Lawn

A long-standing controversy involving a Nativity scene on an Indiana courthouse lawn has finally been resolved after county officials voted to ban all outside displays for good.

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Louisiana Junior High School Promotes and Celebrates Christian Prayer Event

Last week, at Pineville Junior High School in Louisiana, there was a See You at the Pole event that took place with the apparent blessings of the administration — creating a legal problem the Freedom From Religion Foundation is now addressing.

It didn’t help that the school celebrated the event on Facebook:


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Atheist Group to CT Police Chief Who Blamed Atheism for Crime: “Stop Disparaging Nonbelievers”

Last week, Bridgeport (Connecticut) Police Chief Armando Perez argued that the crime rates in his city were going up “because people have abandoned church, people have abandoned God, and that cannot happen.” As if atheists caused all the crimes.

Now, FFRF wants him to know just how wrong he is.


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Another Georgia School Conducts Mass Baptism for Football Players With Help of Head Coach

A couple of weeks ago, just after Georgia’s Heritage High School football team finished practice, there was a mass baptism. The students were joined by the team chaplain (they have one of those), a minister, and the head coach as they all watched nearly a dozen teammates accept Christ into their lives. And it was all shared online.


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