Pat Robertson: Church/State Separation Groups Pick on Christians Because of the Devil

Why do church/state separation groups tend to pick on Christians more than any other religious group? There’s the right answer… and then there’s the Pat Robertson answer.


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Atheist Group Warns 1,000+ Public School Districts: Don’t Plan Field Trips to Ark Encounter

With the opening of Kentucky’s Ark Encounter, the Freedom From Religion Foundation just reminded more than 1,000 public school districts that it would be illegal to plan field trips to the Creationist attraction:


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Atheist Billboard Saying “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” Taken Down in MS After Local Backlash

A Mississippi digital billboard that said “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” lasted less than a week. Lamar Outdoor pulled the ad, citing “backlash from the community.”


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Kansas Police Department Agrees to Remove “Romans 13:4” Decal from Vehicle

For some reason, this is what the back of at least one vehicle in the Harper (Kansas) Police Department looked like until last week.


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Texas City to Atheist Group: We’re Not Removing Our “This Is God’s Country” Welcome Sign

Remember this sign?


Hondo (TX) City Attorney Frank Garza says it’s not going anywhere because, as he told FFRF, it’s not a religious sign in any way.

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