Mission Viejo (CA) Sheriff Apologizes for Prayer Event That Included Two Elected Officials

After Assistant Sheriff Don Barnes and a city councilwoman appeared in their official capacities at a National Day of Prayer event, the Freedom From Religion Foundation cried foul. It took a few months, but the Sheriff has finally responded to their complaint, saying that this never should have happened and promising it wouldn’t happen again.


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Mississippi School District Accused of Promoting Christianity Over the Intercom

When it comes to announcements over the intercoms at public schools, you expect administrators to talk about things like upcoming events and club meetings. They’re specifically not allowed to promote religious events. Saying there’s a Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting after school is okay since that’s a student-led club, but encouraging students to bring their Bibles to school is not.

Guess what they did in Biloxi, Mississippi?


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Atheists File Amicus Brief Against FL Christian School Wanting Loudspeaker Prayers at Football Game

A Christian high school in Florida recently filed a lawsuit against the state after the football team was forbidden from using the state championship stadium loudspeaker to broadcast pregame prayers. Now, atheists have join the fray, telling the court that the lawsuit ought to be dismissed immediately.


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Atheists and UW-Madison Students Proudly Counter Westboro Baptist Church’s Latest Protest

When the Westboro Baptist Church showed up in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday, there were plenty of people responding to their hate.


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PA Bureau of Motor Vehicles Accepts “ATHE1ST” Vanity Plate, Calling Earlier Rejection an “Error”

I posted yesterday about how the Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected three vanity license plates suggestions from Jeffrey Prebeg, Jr.: “ATHE1ST,” “NO GOD,” and “N0 G0D.” After a lot of media attention and a letter from FFRF, they’ve suddenly changed their mind.


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