Atheists Sue California School District for Not Sharing Their Scholarship Offers with Students

If a public school district publishes a list of all the college scholarships students can apply for, including those from religious organizations, do they have the right to exclude scholarships offered by atheist groups?


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Once Again, Atheists Sue Federal Government Over Tax-Free Housing for Pastors

For years now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has been in a legal battle to end the “Parsonage Exemption.” That’s the loophole that allows ministers to deduct the cost of rent for their church-owned houses from their taxable income. It’s a great perk and FFRF believes it shows preferential treatment by the government for religious leaders.


In order to challenge the law, FFRF’s own board paid co-presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor $15,000 each as part of their housing allowance… but because they don’t qualify as “ministers of the gospel,” the law doesn’t apply to them.

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Judge Orders Praying School Board Members to Pay Nearly $203,000 in Legal Fees to Atheist Group

Back in February, I posted an important update on what’s happening with the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education (in California). This is the district in which board meetings are indistinguishable from a church service, with members frequently leading explicitly Christian prayers and reading Bible verses.

Judge Jesus G. Bernal had finally ruled that these prayers were unconstitutional and ordered the School Board to put an immediate stop to them. What we didn’t know then was how much this would cost the District.


Now we have an answer to that question:

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After Atheist/Satanist Book Giveaway, Some Christians Get That It Was About Equal Treatment

Following yesterday’s distribution of Satanic coloring books and atheist literature at Delta Middle School (and a local high school) in Colorado, it’s worth mentioning what the other side had to say about it.


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A Colorado School District Will Give Away Satanic and (Censored) Atheist Literature to Students

Later today, Satanic coloring books and atheist literature will be made available to students at Delta Middle School in Colorado, all because the administration allowed the Gideons to distribute bibles and didn’t want to shut down that practice. (To be sure, it’s a passive distribution. No adults will be at a table handing out the books. The material will just be sitting there for students who want to pick it up.)

But the atheist literature will include some overt censorship.


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