FFRF Challenges Taxpayer-Funded Scholarships from Ohio City to Local Christian College

In Grove City, Ohio, the city council set up a scholarship fund for students in the community. Students who apply are eligible for up to $1,000 per semester to go to the local school of their choice, and they have three options: Columbus State Community College, Harrison College, or Ohio Christian University. It’s that last one that raised eyebrows at the Freedom From Religion Foundation:


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Ken Ham Still Thinks Public School Students Can Take Field Trips to Ark Encounter

For weeks now, Creationist Ken Ham and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have been doing battle over whether public school students can attend Ark Encounter for “educational” field trips. It’s not actually a battle. FFRF said those field trips are illegal. And Ham continues to yell at the clouds that they’re not. But his latest missive shows this issue is really getting under his skin.


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Atheist Group Calls for Investigation into Texas Charter School That Promotes Christianity

A public charter school in Texas is being investigated for pushing religion onto students as if it were a private Christian school. According to a letter from Freedom From Religion Foundation Attorney Sam Grover to Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath, Advantage Academy is out of control when it comes to preaching faith.


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Georgia Clerk Removes Christian Flag from Courtroom, Albeit Very Reluctantly

If you were to visit the Bryan County courthouse in Georgia, you’d see this Christian flag in one of the courtrooms. It finally came down, but not before a lot of pressure.


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Floridians Rebel Against Mosque Polling Place Despite Many Churches Serving the Same Function

A lot of you will inevitably vote in a church this November. It’s legal, as long as there’s no overtly religious imagery present and no one trying to proselytize while you’re there. But it’s understandably frustrating since the boundary between church and state can so easily be blurred. It raises an interesting question: If churches are allowed to be polling places, what about mosques?


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