Missouri Mayor Isn’t Sure Whether Christian Cross Atop Local Water Tower is Actually Illegal

In Ellington, Missouri, there’s a Christian cross on top of the city’s water tower and another one on a public road. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking for both of them to come down — politely and without litigation — but it’s unclear what Mayor Paul Wood will do:


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California City Council Will No Longer Consider Giving $2.5 Million Grant to Catholic High School

For some reason, the Santa Ana City Council in California was considering giving $2.5 million to a Catholic high school to help them construct a new building and parking garage.

But after a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, that option is off the table.


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Atheist Group Will Put Up Digital Billboard in Mississippi: “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation”

If you want to educate religious voters about the importance of church/state separation, heading to Mississippi is a good start. And that’s where the Freedom From Religion Foundation will put up this digital billboard over the month of July.


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Billboard Outside GOP Convention Will Quote Ronald Reagan Advocating for Church/State Separation

Given that the Republican National Convention will take place in Cleveland, Ohio in a few weeks, it’s only fair that a group would put up a billboard in the area featuring Lord and Savior Ronald Reagan.

Oh, to see the looks on attendees’ faces when they actually read the sign…


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Wisconsin Public School District Puts Developmentally Delayed 3-Year-Olds in a Christian Program

For three-year-olds with developmental delays, the Beaver Dam Unified School District in Wisconsin has a program in which those kids are sent to a private preschool. It’s a way to give those kids the attention and help they need.

But when one mother was told about the program, she was directed to St. Katherine’s, a Catholic school whose program for children is called “God’s Little Miracles.” (If you can’t tell, indoctrinating kids into Christianity is one of their goals.)


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