Football Announcer at Center of Anthem Controversy Also Led Illegal Pregame Prayers

Pastor Allen Joyner got into a heap of trouble after he was quoted as calling for the murder of those who didn’t stand for the National Anthem. Joyner denies doing that and says his words were misinterpreted.

However, during an interview yesterday, he inadvertently revealed that the District was breaking the law in another way.


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Don’t Inject Your Religious Beliefs Into My Grief

Two years ago, my 18-year-old son was killed about a mile from our house while driving home. A man high on drugs (meth and heroin) drove across the center line at 70 miles an hour and slammed his car head-on into my son’s.

The tragedy was bad enough. What I don’t need now are all the religious platitudes from well-meaning strangers.


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Atheist Group Asks Kentucky County Clerk to Remove Ten Commandments Painting from Office

What is it with Kentucky county clerks foisting their religious beliefs on everyone else while on the clock? What Trigg County Clerk Carmen Finley did isn’t anywhere close to as bad as what Kim Davis did, but it suggests her religion ought to have some influence on people who visit her office.


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An Elementary School Bible Club Shuts Down After Atheist Group Points Out Numerous Legal Violations

As I’ve said before, the problem we always see with Christian clubs at public schools is that they want special treatment, not equal treatment. And Mariposa Elementary School in Brea, California will be shutting down Club Monarch, an after-school Bible group, after the Freedom From Religion Foundation caught them violating the law many times over.


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The (Untold) Story of the “JESUS Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign in Texas

Patrick Michels of the Texas Observer has written a lengthy article about the “JESUS welcomes you to Hawkins” sign in Texas that was at the center of a church/state separation battle last year. The main character is even more disturbing than I thought…


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