Atheist Billboard Saying “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” Taken Down in MS After Local Backlash

A Mississippi digital billboard that said “God Fixation Won’t Fix This Nation” lasted less than a week. Lamar Outdoor pulled the ad, citing “backlash from the community.”


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Kansas Police Department Agrees to Remove “Romans 13:4” Decal from Vehicle

For some reason, this is what the back of at least one vehicle in the Harper (Kansas) Police Department looked like until last week.


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Texas City to Atheist Group: We’re Not Removing Our “This Is God’s Country” Welcome Sign

Remember this sign?


Hondo (TX) City Attorney Frank Garza says it’s not going anywhere because, as he told FFRF, it’s not a religious sign in any way.

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Missouri Mayor Isn’t Sure Whether Christian Cross Atop Local Water Tower is Actually Illegal

In Ellington, Missouri, there’s a Christian cross on top of the city’s water tower and another one on a public road. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is asking for both of them to come down — politely and without litigation — but it’s unclear what Mayor Paul Wood will do:


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California City Council Will No Longer Consider Giving $2.5 Million Grant to Catholic High School

For some reason, the Santa Ana City Council in California was considering giving $2.5 million to a Catholic high school to help them construct a new building and parking garage.

But after a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, that option is off the table.


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