Conservative Attorney Says Atheist Groups’ Scholarships Reveal “Hatred Towards Christianity”

The Antelope Valley Union High School District in California offers students a list of college scholarships they may want to apply for. If you’re an organization that wants your scholarship included on the list, you just have to get in touch with the proper administrators. And what if you’re a religious group? Not a problem. The more scholarships they can list, the better.


But by the same token, the Antelope Valley Freethinkers and Freedom From Religion Foundation wanted their scholarships on the list as well… yet for the past two years, that wasn’t happening. When FFRF recently inquired about the exclusion, they were surprised by the response:

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Wisconsin School District Breaks Lease with “Jesus Lunch” Park, but the Proselytizing Will Continue

Last month, we learned that a group of Christian parents were coercing students at Middleton High School (in Madison, Wisconsin) into accepting Jesus by luring them off school property once a week, giving them free food, and using the opportunity to proselytize. These “Jesus lunches” were drawings hundreds of students at a time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.17.58 AM

There are a lot of problems with this type of outreach on all sides, the least of which is that the District had a lease on the property, which meant District policies were supposed to be in effect. But the Christian mothers weren’t following protocol when it came to getting District approval for the food or signing in anywhere so the District could keep track of adult members. The parents insisted they were on public property, lease be damned, and not subject to District regulations as a result.

That’s why, this week, instead of fighting a legal battle over whether they had authority to enforce their rules on people in the park during school hours, the District announced it would just end its lease of the park property:

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Humanist and Atheist Groups Join Forces to Fight Giant Christian Cross in Pensacola (Florida) Park

If you visit Bayview Park in Pensacola, Florida, it’s hard to miss this government-sanctioned Christian cross that’s been around for at least 50 years:

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Atheist Sues Congress After House Chaplain Denies Him Opportunity to Deliver Invocation

If there’s one thing we know about government invocations in light of the 2014 Greece v. Galloway Supreme Court decision, it’s that if there’s going to be an invocation at all, it must be open to people of all religious backgrounds, including people without religion. That applies to city councils, sure, but what about Congress?

That’s the focus of a new lawsuit filed by Dan Barker, co-President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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Kentucky Rejects Atheist’s Request for “IM GOD” License Plate Because It’s “Not in Good Taste”

When Ben Hart requested a personalized license plate reading “IM GOD” in his new home state of Kentucky, he wasn’t expecting a rejection.

He definitely wasn’t expecting his plate to be rejected on account of being “vulgar or obscene.”


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