Louisiana Football Team Criticized After Posting Video of Baptism

Last month, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s football team posted an unusual video on their official Facebook page. It showed team members and coaches, in their uniforms, singing “Amazing Grace” while player Otha Peters got baptized.


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Atheist Group’s Holiday Display Lawsuit Against TX Governor Can Proceed, Says Judge

Last year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott tore down an atheist group’s “Secular Nativity” display from the State Capitol while leaving up a Christian Nativity scene. The atheists sued in response. And a Texas judge ruled this week that the lawsuit could proceed because the atheists had standing on First Amendment grounds.


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After Atheist Puts “Let Reason Prevail” Banner in CT Park, Spiteful Mayor Puts Up His Own Sign

An atheist banner in a Connecticut town has prompted a “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays” response from the mayor.

That may seem innocuous enough — and perfectly legal — but it’s another sign of how little atheists are respected in the community.


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A Helpful Tweetstorm Explaining the True Story Behind the “War on Christmas”

If you want a thorough understanding of how the fictional “War on Christmas” became such a staple of conservative media, look no further than this thread by Freedom From Religion Foundation attorney Andrew Seidel. The 40-tweet story discusses where the phrase came from, how the right wing exaggerated the truth, and what’s really going on:


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Michigan Town Puts Nativity Back Up on Government Property, Taking Advantage of Legal Loophole

For nearly a decade, the town of Menominee, Michigan has put a Nativity scene on government property, clearly endorsing Christianity at the expense of everyone else. They took it down about a month ago, finally respecting the law, but they just put it back up citing a legal loophole.


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