Atheist Attorney Explains Ken Ham’s Weak Spots: Ark Encounter’s Attendance and Taxpayer Funding

Good luck rebutting this video, Ken Ham.

Unlike you, Andrew Seidel actually cares about objective reality.


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7th Grade Field Trip to Evangelical Christian Camp Canceled After Atheist Activist Gets Involved

A public school in Illinois was all set to send 7th graders on a field trip to a Christian camp. But once an atheist activist got involved, the school backtracked immediately.


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A WV School District May Be Forced To End Its 75-Year-Old Bible Indoctrination Classes for Kids

A West Virginia school district has been offering classes on the Bible for 75 years at the elementary and middle school levels… but rather than teach the Bible as literature, which might be problematic on its own, they’re preaching it as if the kids were in Sunday School. Atheists are suing the District to put a stop to the curriculum.

This is an actual image used in the curriculum.

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Teaching a Bible Class at a Public School? Then Don’t Brag About Proselytizing to Students

There’s a difference between treating the Bible as literature and teaching it as the Word of God. The former is okay and the latter isn’t, and there have been a number of times when Christians teaching the course have crossed the line. Lucky for us, one of those teachers bragged about how he plans to cross that line next year.


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A Christian Ministry Visited TX Public Schools and People Are Shocked They Promoted Christianity

FFRF says that Go Tell Ministries was invited to Glenda Dawson High School in Pearland — and several other schools — to deliver a secular message. The ministry used the opportunity to promote a separate religious event.


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