In County Motto, New Jersey Town Boasts of Being a Great Place to Pray

See if you can spot any problems with the seal and motto for the Borough of Clayton, New Jersey:


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Text Messages Reveal Religion’s Role in Why a High School Principal Hired a Certain Football Coach

In 2014, the head coach of the Mooresville High School football team in North Carolina, Hal Capps, was told he could no longer lead his players in prayer. It was illegal, and he faced a lawsuit from the Freedom From Religion Foundation if he kept it up. He promised to stop and some of the players vowed to keep the prayers going (as they had the right to do).


If you were going to hire Capps to be your school’s new football coach, then, surely the interview would involved asking him about his mistake. Could he respect church/state separation?

That’s not what Seneca High School (South Carolina) Principal Cliff Roberts asked. Instead, Roberts hired Capps earlier this year via a text message conversation that appeared to center around their mutual love of Christ.

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Why Did a Kentucky Elementary School Take a Field Trip to the Creation Museum?

How do you reward kids who have perfect or near-perfect attendance in school?

If you’re the administrators at Southside Elementary School in Kentucky’s Lee County School District, the answer is simple: You take them on a field trip to the Creation Museum. (And then you foolishly tell the world about it.)


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Texas Commission Sanctions Judge Who Punished a Man By Making Him Copy Bible Verses 25 Times a Day

Randall Rogers, a Smith County (Texas) judge, issued a strange punishment last year to someone who got caught up in a fight.

It started when 20-year-old Josten Bundy punched out his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend:

The judge soon ruled that Bundy would have to copy down Bible verses as punishment.

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Colorado School District Says It Will Continue Bible Giveaways, So Satan’s Also Making a Visit

Back in December, I posted about all the legal violations taking place at Delta Middle School in Colorado.


Here’s the situation: Students in a social studies class were taken to the library to do some work. When they arrived, their teacher told them there were bibles on a table in the main doorway, and they could pick one up as they left.

So you know what comes next.

Everyone say hello to The Satanic Temple coloring books!

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