Secular Bill of Rights Display Counters Nativity Scene on Grundy County (IL) Courthouse Lawn

The Grundy County Courthouse in Illinois has long had a Nativity scene up on the front lawn, leading to warnings from church/state separation groups over the past two years. This year, in order to avoid a lawsuit, county officials opened up the forum to anyone who requested a display. Which is why you’ll now see a large menorah, an interfaith banner (on the way), and a secular Bill of Rights display:

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Colorado Middle School Conducts Bible Giveaway During Class

See if you can spot all the legal violations that occurred yesterday at Delta Middle School in Colorado.

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A New Strategy to Counter Christian Vandals Who Destroy Atheist Displays

Given the vandalism of atheist displays we’ve seen over the past few years, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is trying to make the most of a bad situation: They’re asking you to make a donation to the organization… but you won’t get charged anything unless one of their displays gets vandalized.

In other words, if Christians want to tear down an atheist banner, they’ll essentially be paying for even more of those banners to go up.

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Illinois High School Football Coach Promises Not to Lead or Participate in Prayer with Athletes

A week after the head football coach at Naperville Central High School in Illinois was told to stop praying with his team, it appears the message has finally been taken seriously by everyone involved.

Last we heard, Superintendent Dan Bridges promised that Coach Mike Stine wouldn’t lead prayers with his team but said nothing about his participation in them. That didn’t satisfy the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which had already sent a warning letter to the District, so FFRF sent a follow-up.

That may have done the trick. Bridges and Stine have finally promised to comply fully with the First Amendment:

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Bus Driver Allegedly Told Autistic Kid She’d Be Shot with Fireballs in Hell if She Wasn’t Devout

It’s bad enough when someone says to a child that she’s doomed to an eternity of torture if she doesn’t believe in God — a place where she’ll be pelted with “fireballs” forever.

It’s really bad when the kid is told her parents will be joining her in Hell if they don’t ask for Jesus’ forgiveness.

And it’s just bottom-of-the-barrel awful when we’re talking about a school bus driver saying all this to an autistic five-year-old:

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