Atheist Group Puts Up Scarlet A Display in Arlington Heights (IL) Park to Counter Nativity Scene

For the fifth straight year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation chapter in Chicago has put up an atheist display at North School Park in the city of Arlington Heights to counter a Nativity scene also on the property. This year, the atheists put up a five-foot-tall Scarlet A:


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Once Again, Atheist Banner and Giant Scarlet “A” Display Can Be Seen in Downtown Chicago

If you’re in Chicago and walking through Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza, make sure you take some pictures next to the atheist display that went up recently:


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PA High School Football Coach Will No Longer Pray with Players, Says New Superintendent

Jack Henzes, the head football coach at Dunmore High School in Pennsylvania, will no longer pray with his team after decades of breaking the law. The Freedom From Religion Foundation received confirmation from the new superintendent.


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Kentucky Official Sued After Rejecting Atheist’s “IM GOD” License Plate Request

The head of Kentucky’s Division of Motor Vehicles is being sued after rejecting a man’s request to get a license plate reading “IM GOD,” even though he had it (without incident) in Ohio, where he lived for the past twelve years.


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Teacher Who Promoted Christianity in Class, Then Cried Persecution When Told to Stop, Loses Appeal

Joelle Silver, a science teacher in the Cheektowaga Central School District in New York, was accused several years ago of promoting Christianity in her classroom. The list of violations ran a mile long, yet Silver sued the District for violating her supposed religious freedom to proselytize. But after losing her initial court battle, she just lost her appeal as well, effectively bringing an end to this case.


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