Why Did a Kentucky Elementary School Take a Field Trip to the Creation Museum?

How do you reward kids who have perfect or near-perfect attendance in school?

If you’re the administrators at Southside Elementary School in Kentucky’s Lee County School District, the answer is simple: You take them on a field trip to the Creation Museum. (And then you foolishly tell the world about it.)


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Texas Commission Sanctions Judge Who Punished a Man By Making Him Copy Bible Verses 25 Times a Day

Randall Rogers, a Smith County (Texas) judge, issued a strange punishment last year to someone who got caught up in a fight.

It started when 20-year-old Josten Bundy punched out his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend:

The judge soon ruled that Bundy would have to copy down Bible verses as punishment.

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Colorado School District Says It Will Continue Bible Giveaways, So Satan’s Also Making a Visit

Back in December, I posted about all the legal violations taking place at Delta Middle School in Colorado.


Here’s the situation: Students in a social studies class were taken to the library to do some work. When they arrived, their teacher told them there were bibles on a table in the main doorway, and they could pick one up as they left.

So you know what comes next.

Everyone say hello to The Satanic Temple coloring books!

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Who Are These Students Not Participating in a Massive, Adult-Led Cafeteria Prayer?

Last month at Hollister Middle School in Missouri, this was the sight at lunchtime:


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Orlando Officials’ Oath of Office Was a Christian Prayer in Disguise

When Buddy Dyer, the mayor of Orlando, Florida, took his oath of office earlier this year alongside three members of the city council, Jesus was a major part of the government ceremony.

Buddy Dyer (via Ballotpedia)

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