PA School District Says Ten Commandments Monument at Junior High Isn’t Religious Because It Includes a Bald Eagle

This is a picture of Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania… with a Ten Commandments monument right in front of it. It’s been there since the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated it in 1957:

A couple of years ago, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote letters to the district to have it taken down, and it resulted in the monument being boarded up with plans for it to be donated to a local church.

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West Virginia County Officials Give Church $1,000 Grant to Bring In Christian Musician

The Immaculate Conception Men’s Group, part of a West Virginia church, really wanted to bring in musician John Angotti (below) for a concert. The cost was $3,000 and they raised most of the money… but they got a $1,000 grant from a strange place:

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The Daily Show Was Wrong to Imply That Addressing a Minor Act of Discrimination Was Petty

The Daily Show aired a segment the other night about the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s response to the “prayer discount” offered by a diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. (We covered the story on this site yesterday.)

The gist of the segment was that it was wrong for atheists to interfere. While the punchline of the report was that FFRF co-President Dan Barker was a “dick,” Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper uncritically presented restaurant owner Mary Haglund‘s assertion that merely taking a quiet breath would have netted the same 15% discount.

To me, that seems to be a dubious claim for something that was termed a “prayer discount,” but I mention it less to quibble over the particular than to illustrate the general nature of the interview.

The segment conveyed the impression that FFRF’s interference was petty, unwarranted, and cruel.

While the piece got some good laughs at the expense of atheists, its message was wrong and, frankly, disappointing from a show that usually champions causes of fairness and equality.

Here’s why:

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Clear Channel Won’t Run “Keep Saturn in Saturnalia” Billboard Out of Fear of Vandalism

Last year, the Freedom From Religion Foundation put up this billboard in Pitman, New Jersey:

It was a tongue-in-cheek rebuke to all those “Keep Christ in Christmas” banners and the expected response was probably some rolling eyes.

But the actual response was much worse.

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Sign That Says “Religion… Hardens Hearts and Enslaves Minds” Goes Up in Milwaukee County Courthouse

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s infamous Winter Solstice sign just went up in the Milwaukee County Courthouse:

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