FFRF on The Daily Show Tonight?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s Dan Barker may make a brief appearance on tonight’s episode of The Daily Show. Segments change depending on the news so it’s not a done deal, but keep an eye out for it tonight. The question I don’t know the answer to: Why will he be on there…? Any theories? [Read more...]

FFRF Essay Competitions Announced

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just announced their 2010 essay competition topics. Anyone can enter and the prize money is pretty sweet. Each first-place winner gets $2,000; second-place gets $1,000; third-place gets $500; and it goes from there. College-bound high school seniors are asked to write on the topics of either “The Harm of Religion” [Read More...]

The Problems with Atheist Publicity Stunts

Should atheist groups try to make headlines and get attention when their ideas have little to no chance of succeeding? Despite the fact that I like it when groups I support and people I know are involved, it’s hard for me to automatically say yes. … Last week, the Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a [Read More...]

That’s Not Her Name

I know FOX News doesn’t like the Freedom From Religion Foundation… or the GLBT community. But this is ridiculous. FFRF’s co-president’s name is Annie Laurie Gaylor. It takes 0.04 seconds of Google-time to figure that out. But who needs research when you can do this? You can see the full video clip below (the part [Read More...]

Illinois Comptroller Candidate William J. Kelly Vandalizes Atheist Sign

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had put this sign up in front of the Illinois Capitol building in Springfield: It turns out a conservative candidate for Illinois comptroller, William J. Kelly, was offended by the idea that anyone could disagree with him so he tried to take matters into his own hands: William J. Kelly [Read More...]