Atheist Family Faces Discrimination, Eviction

It sounds like such a minor, correctable problem. David was given an assignment in his music class a couple years ago: He was to sing a song of worship for a grade. His teacher also instructed him to point skyward at certain points of the song. She said that he was to do this to [Read More...]

Local Government Shouldn’t Be Serving God

The city of Hudsonville, Michigan has this Mission Statement: Obviously, the government shouldn’t be “serving God.” If individuals in the government choose to do so, that’s their choice. But the city shouldn’t be taking a position on religion. The Freedom From Religion Foundation requested that this reference be removed: The presence of religion in the [Read More...]

Dueling Billboards

Recently, an atheist billboard that was moved to a new location was replaced with one reading “The previous sign posted at this location does not reflect the values or morals of our company. Thank you.” It hasn’t even been a week. A new billboard is up in the same Chambersburg, Pennsylvania area. It also poses [Read More...]

Atheist Billboard Gets a Response

***Update***: I need to clear up a mistake I unfortunately helped spread. The billboard was moved from its first location to a new one (as contracted). The plans still have it going to a third location. The billboard was not “taken down.” The company simply put up a response in the first location after the [Read More...]

Go Vote for Obama

I’m voting later tonight. Barack. Easiest vote ever cast. If you’re an independent voter, listen to lawyer Eddie Tabash talk about the dangers we face with another conservative president and a Supreme Court that could be heading toward disaster with the next appointment. We don’t need that to happen for another four years. And Barack [Read More...]