Can You Help with a Colorado Lawsuit?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation could use the help of a Colorado citizen who has a child in the Cherry Creek School District in Denver. A brief background of the case: Last year, Cherry Creek Schools began promoting “40 Developmental Assets” — a program that would help students become “responsible and confident young adults.” That’s [Read More...]

Christian Right Group: Atheists Near Top of Grinch-o-Meter

The Christian Right group Culture and Media Institute has put out their list of the 2008 Worst Grinches (PDF). The winner: Playboy for putting out an issue in its Mexican edition with a seductive cover girl posed as the Virgin Mary: Yep. That one ruined Christmas for all Christians, I know. Runner up? The Freedom [Read More...]

You Are Wrong! You Are *So* Wrong!

This is just fun to watch. (Though it’s fun anytime someone yells at Bill O’Reilly — repeatedly — for being wrong.) Megyn Kelly defends the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist plaque in Olympia, Washington: And while atheism is not a religion, Kelly is right that it must be treated as such. (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Atheist Sign Stolen… Again

***Update***: The sign has been replaced and the Springfield Nativity Scene Committee (SNSC) has condemned the person who stole the original FFRF plaque: “It is truly unfortunate that someone decided to express their displeasure with the disturbing sign by stealing it,” said Daniel Zanoza, Chairman of the SNSC. “Of course, our entire committee would encourage [Read More...]

Would You Help Restore a Nativity Scene?

Admit it: for a few minutes when you knew the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s atheist sign in Olympia, Washington was stolen, you were angry. People could disagree with it — maybe even get offended by it — but to the point that they would steal it? How “Christian” of them. Then the sign was recovered [Read More...]