Atheism’s Silent Majority

Hi everyone, Richard Wade here. “The silent majority” was a phrase first made popular by Richard Nixon in 1969 in part from his wishful thinking that a majority of Americans silently approved of his disastrous conduct of the Vietnam War. By applying this phrase to atheism I’m not saying that a majority of Americans are [Read More...]

Webster Cook Avoids Expulsion

Webster Cook, the University of Central Florida student who didn’t eat a communion wafer and seemingly opened the gates of hell in the process, was facing threats of expulsion from his school as a result. Webster’s friend Ben was also facing that penalty. Thankfully, the school found some sense: On Tuesday, a panel of four [Read More...]

An Atheist Meets a Theist on the Street…

You’ve heard that setup a number of times. But in Arturo Vivante‘s short story, written just before his death earlier this year and published in the most recent Freethought Today, it’s never been quite so poetic: I was slowly walking down the main street of the Vermont town where I taught when a man aggressively [Read More...]

The Two Atheist Communities

Matthew Nisbet recently wrote about the two images of atheism: Hate vs. Community. Atheists have a major image problem. There’s a reason that when people ask me what I believe I have to say with a smile: “I’m an atheist…but a friendly atheist.” For sure, atheists for a long time have been unfairly stereotyped in [Read More...]

Federal Employees Can Now Be Solicited by an Atheist Organization

I’ll just quote Wikipedia for a moment: The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a program allowing certain charitable organizations to solicit contributions from employees of the Federal Government of the United States. The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing [Read More...]