Matthew LaClair’s Speech: “You Belong In Hell”

If you’re not sure who Matthew LaClair is, you can find out here, here, and here. In short, Matthew is the high school student who taped his history teacher raving about Creationism, how evolution was untrue, and how non-Christians belonged in hell, among other things. In 2007, he received a scholarship for student activism from [Read More...]

High School Atheist Wants a Scholarship

Michelle Dubert-Bellrichard, a high school student from Wisconsin, has an opinion piece in the Telegraph Herald newspaper (Iowa). She’s an atheist and she wants a scholarship. Students who are active in their church are greatly looked upon when it comes to applying for money. For some scholarships, the only people eligible must be members of [Read More...]

The Law of Church and State: U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Since 2002

Some background on the Congressional Research Service and Open CRS: American taxpayers spend nearly $100 million a year to fund the Congressional Research Service, a “think tank” that provides reports to members of Congress on a variety of topics relevant to current political events. Yet, these reports are not made available to the public in [Read More...]

Ray Comfort Lies Again

Now, Bananaman Ray Comfort is not just lying about the definition of an atheist; he’s lying about my friend. First, Ray talks about a random person who claims he was once a Christian and then became an atheist: … Hold it there for a moment. He was once a strong Christian? Let’s analyze what he [Read More...]

A Reason to Listen to Air America Minnesota

In October, the Freedom From Religion Foundation got a nationally-broadcast atheist radio show on Air America. Starting in January, Minnesota Atheists will be doing something similar on Air America Minnesota. The show will air Sundays from 9 to 10 a.m. on AM 950 starting Jan. 13 when Oxford professor, evolutionary biologist and world-renown atheist Richard [Read More...]