The Largest Atheist Organization in America

The Freedom From Religion Foundation just announced that their membership is nearing 16,000 members, making them that largest atheist organization in the country (by a long shot): It’s an incredible number, so congratulations to them. How did FFRF grow so quickly when you consider they don’t really do social media, they don’t promote local affiliates [Read More...]

Cenk Uygur to Speak at the FFRF Convention

by Jesse Galef – I’m going to the Freedom From Religion Foundation convention is this weekend!  If you can’t join Hemant to go gallivanting off to the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC, come to Madison, WI with me! It should be an awesome time. Look at some of the lineup: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Linda [Read More...]

Meet Your Neighborhood Atheists

This may be the best atheist ad campaign yet. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is putting up 13 king-size bus ads and one billboard in Madison, WI where their headquarters are located. (I count 14 in the set, though, and I’m not sure where the discrepancy is.) The campaign is supposedly going to extend across [Read More...]

Standing: A Plaintiff’s Worst Nightmare

– by Brittany Meyer Another day, yet another “God” lawsuit thrown out due to lack of standing. Recently, The Freedom from Religion Foundation sued the Architect of the Capitol in federal court to get the “In God We Trust” and Pledge of Allegiance engravings removed from the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. Like my [Read More...]

Competing Billboards in Oklahoma

Remember this billboard that the Freedom From Religion Foundation recently put up in Oklahoma? The billboard reads “Atheism is OK in Oklahoma,” but members of the group Freedom From Religion say that’s not always the case and that’s why they chose to pay for the sign. “We want to let people know they’re not alone. [Read More...]