Atheist Podcasts

Right now, I download the following atheistically-themed podcasts: Point of Inquiry Minnesota Atheists Freethought Radio Humanist Network News Skepticality Are there other similar podcasts I’m missing out on? [Read more...]

FFRF Loses Supreme Court Case

Nearly four months ago, the Freedom From Religion Foundation was in the Supreme Court. Their case was over the issue of whether taxpayers had standing to sue the government when it supported religion in violation of the Establishment Clause. Here are recaps of the case and the day in court and highlights from the oral [Read More...]

Chuck Norris Sheds More Light on the Evil Atheist Conspiracy

Last week, Chuck Norris wrote about how atheists want to outlaw Christianity. This week, he’s back with the conclusion. Some quotable phrases: So what credentials does a man like [Richard] Dawkins have to discuss the presence or absence of God? Answer: He’s “a scientist.” He actually has multiple PhDs and argues in The God Delusion [Read More...]

Freedom From Religion Foundation Membership

According to a recent press release regarding the National Day of Prayer, the Freedom From Religion Foundation said this: The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the largest national association of atheists and agnostics, which reached 10,000 members last month, says public officials should not issue proclamations of prayer or direct citizens to worship. While they are [Read More...]

Where Are All the Atheist Women?

At the American Atheists convention, there were more women (at least ratio-wise) than I’ve seen at just about any other atheist/skeptic event. It was nice to have them there, but this convention, like all others, was short-lived. It raises the question of why there are relatively few women in the secular movement. Why is it [Read More...]