Fort Bragg Officials May Put a Stop to Rock Beyond Belief

After all the buildup and preparation that had to happen to have a day-long festival to celebrate military atheists at Fort Bragg in North Carolina… after Richard Dawkins agreed to headline the event… after a similar (larger) event for Christians was approved by military officials… after all that, there’s a chance the event may not [Read More…]

Rock Beyond Belief Set for April 2

***Update***: I’m not sure what’s going on, but this post on the RBB site sounds very troubling. … Rock Beyond Belief, a festival for non-religious members of our military (go Foxhole Atheists!), now has a firm date: April 2nd. Richard Dawkins is set to headline the event and there are several other secular speakers and [Read More…]

28 Reasons to Give

I’m 28 as of this morning! *Happy dance* If you’d like to celebrate along with me, you can always make a $28 donation to the Secular Student Alliance (250 groups and counting!) or the Foundation Beyond Belief (which just surpassed $100,000 in charitable giving!) I am involved closely with both organizations and I can tell [Read More…]

Learning a Few Things from Religious Practices

***Update***: Comments were accidentally turned off when I initially posted this, but they’re back on now! … Dale McGowan gave a great talk at the Secular Student Alliance 2010 Columbia Leadership Summit called “To Hell with the Baby, but Look at That Bathwater.” In other words, yes, religion is a problem (and religious beliefs are [Read More…]

Foundation Beyond Belief: Challenge the Gap

The organization I chair, Foundation Beyond Belief, has faced an important dilemma during our first year of existence. We obviously want to encourage atheist donors to give to secular charities. At the same time, we want to be able to support groups run by religious organizations, if they’re also doing secular work (as long as [Read More…]