Help Us Pick Worthwhile Charities to Donate To

The Foundation Beyond Belief (which I am on the board of) is an organization that encourages non-religious people to give to charity. In fact, we support a variety of charity categories: Health Poverty Environment Education Peace Child Welfare Human Rights Freedom of Expression Animal Protection A featured small charity One of the most difficult (yet [Read More…]

Is the Atheist Movement on the Decline?

Wayne Laugesen, the editorial page editor of the Colorado Springs Gazette, has a piece in which he chides the atheist movement as a whole. He says we had a good run, but we’re committing a comedy of errors: … The organization Atheist Agenda, at the University of Texas-San Antonio, draws attention by offering pornography in [Read More…]

Are You a Secular Parent?

The Foundation Beyond Belief is conducting a survey to find out information about non-religious parents: Foundation Beyond Belief has two sides — a humanist charitable giving program, and an education and support program for secular parents. The intrepid and talented Ute Mitchell (of CFI Portland’s outstanding secular parent program) has signed on as our Foundation’s [Read More…]

What, We Can’t Be Handsome Atheists?

Joel got a note from his grandmother. (A damn near illegible note.) She cannot believe he’s an atheist: Dear Joel, I have heard that you say you’re an athesis [sic]. I don’t believe that because you have so many Christian qualities. You are honest, loyal, kind and giving — not to mention handsome and extremely [Read More…]

Do God-Fearing or Godless People Give More to Charity?

Have you donated to Foundation Beyond Belief yet? Here’s some incentive if you haven’t: We have some catching up to do. (Thanks to Kaleena for the link!) [Read more…]