Mike Huckabee “Charges the Mound” Against Michael Tracey

Michael Tracey is the student who interviewed FOX News Channel host (and former presidential candidate) Mike Huckabee last week. The full background story, as well as an interview with Michael, can be read here. Huckabee got in trouble because he said if gay marriage was legalized, it would be a gateway allowing for incest and [Read More...]

Student Responds to Mike Huckabee’s Comments About Him

A few months ago, I was emailing back and forth with a student named Michael Tracey at The College of New Jersey about possibly speaking there over my Spring Break since he’s the president of their Secular Student Alliance chapter. We were unable to find a day that worked so we put the talk on [Read More...]

Focus on the Family Clarifies Position: We’re Total Bigots

The Plum Line recently reported that Focus on the Family would not oppose a gay/lesbian Supreme Court nominee: “We agree with Senator [Jeff] Sessions,” Bruce Hausknecht, a spokesperson for Focus on the Family, which was founded by top religious right figure James Dobson, told me a few minutes ago. “The issue is not their sexual [Read More...]

Jesus Plays Telephone

SMBC explains where Westboro Baptist Church gets it from…: Now it all makes sense! [Read more...]

Ted Cox’s Journey to a Gay Deconversion Retreat

I’ve mentioned Ted Cox before — he’s the guy who went undercover at a Gay Conversion Camp: An atheist, Ted Cox, spent the past two years going undercover as a gay man undergoing gay-to-straight therapy programs run by Christian groups (as if there were any other kind). What he found was precisely what you would [Read More...]