There’s No Decorum and Dignity Left

While you were busy not getting Raptured, Reverend Bradlee Dean was invited to give the opening prayer for the Minnesota House of Representatives on Friday. It gets interesting at the 2:41 mark: I know this is a non-denominational prayer in this chamber. It’s not about the Baptists, it’s not about the Catholics alone, or the [Read More...]

The Boot Protest Guy is Back…

About a year ago, notorious campus preacher Brother Jed was at the University of Oregon spewing his blather when a clever student found a way to shut him up. As Jed spoke, a student named Tony stood near him, preaching the Gospel of The Boot: Tony was quite hysterical as a southern Baptist minister, and [Read More...]

Stop Redefining Gravity!

It takes a special kind of conservative Christian to try and use science to justify their beliefs when they’ve done so much to ruin science education… but that’s what Focus on the Family’s CitizenLink is doing in the video below. According to them, “redefining marriage” makes as much sense as “redefining gravity.” How many holes [Read More...]

The Treatment of a Gay Student at Messiah College

You have to feel bad for a college student who goes through this: In October, his wallet, student ID and room key were stolen. Then, he said, he received a death threat on Facebook. A few weeks ago, he found his replacement ID cut into pieces and covered in urine. And it all happened at [Read More...]