The Top 10 Good Things About Being Godless

Phil Zuckerman is the author of Society Without God and the forthcoming book Faith No More: How and Why People Reject Religion. He spoke at the Freedom From Religion Foundation‘s convention last November and a transcript of his talk is now available online in the most recent issue of Freethought Today. In it, he listed [Read More...]

School Cancels Prom Instead of Allowing Lesbian to Attend

You’ve probably heard the story of Constance McMillen by now — she’s the high school senior who wanted to wear a tuxedo and attend prom with her girlfriend. The school board responded by canceling prom altogether. Morons. McMillen is taking this all very well considering the school board is forcing the other students to blame [Read More...]

Ask Richard: Atheist Isolating to Avoid Superstitious People

Dear Richard, I recently “came out” as an atheist and it has been somewhat difficult on a number of fronts. Although I have been skeptical of religion for many years both as gut instinct that it was self-serving, and rational analysis that what they teach is nearly impossible, when I finally decided to officially tell [Read More...]

What I Learned at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Therapy Program

A couple months ago, I wrote about Ted Cox: An atheist, Ted Cox, spent the past two years going undercover as a gay man undergoing gay-to-straight therapy programs run by Christian groups (as if there were any other kind). What he found was precisely what you would think: These programs do nothing to “convert” you [Read More...]

Illinois Family Institute’s Response to Day of Silence 2010

The Illinois Family Institute is at it again: The Day of Silence (a student-run initiative during which volunteers don’t speak on behalf of the members of the GLBT community who have been forced to be silent about their sexual identities) is coming up in April and IFI can’t stand any of that “inclusive,” “tolerant,” “accepting” [Read More...]