Catholic Group Refuses to Take Part in Panel Discussion on LGBT Issues

I recently got an email from a student at the University of Illinois who’s helping put together a panel discussion called “Religion and the LGBT Community.” The plan is to have representatives from different faiths answer questions about homosexuality in front of LGBT students (and allies). His committee invited all the faith communities on campus [Read More...]

You’re All Going to Hell

When a hellfire-obsessed preacher comes to your area, don’t miss the photo op! Jesus totally hated the sports nuts. (via Joe. My. God.) [Read more...]

Are Christians Allowed to Apologize for Other Christians?

When the Washington Post On Faith column asked whether Christians should apologize for the Koran-burning of Pastor Terry Jones, a lot of you vehemently opposed that very idea. Here are some of the comments made on this site: … I’m a fan of personal responsibility and not in the business of apologizing for other peoples [Read More...]

A Former Pastor No Longer Wrestles with the Issue of Homosexuality

David Hayward, who is known on this site for his thought-provoking nakedpastor cartoons, has a serious post up on his site that deserves a read. He used to be a church pastor who was welcoming to gay people. But that didn’t stop other members of his church from holding views that ran the spectrum from [Read More...]