How Sad, Indeed

I love PZ Myers. He’s a wonderful teacher and, at times, he’s downright hilarious. But other times he can be… well… something else entirely. Paul Jones has died. I didn’t know him, or even know about him, until his obituary was sent to me, but it’s an utterly tragic life story. He was an ordained [Read More...]

Evangelicals Criticize Themselves

They have finally realized what the rest of us have known for many years: Conservative Christian leaders who believe the word “evangelical” has lost its religious meaning plan to release a starkly self-critical document saying the movement has become too political and has diminished the Gospel through its approach to the culture wars. The statement, [Read More...]

Soldier’s Atheism Led to Threats

I’ve mentioned this on a number of occasions. But the story of Specialist Jeremy Hall made its way into The New York Times today. When Specialist Jeremy Hall held a meeting last July for atheists and freethinkers at Camp Speicher in Iraq, he was excited, he said, to see an officer attending. But minutes into [Read More...]

ACLU Supports Opponent of “Day of Silence”

This story deserves a mention for a few reasons: It shows the ACLU working with the Alliance Defense Fund (a Christian group). You don’t see them on the same side of many issues. It’s an example of the ACLU supporting something you may not like — speech promoting bigotry, but free speech nonetheless. … and [Read More...]

He’s Out… of His Job as a Christian TV Host

He’ll have a rough few months, but you have to be proud of him for coming out: Azariah Southworth, Nashville host and producer of popular Christian youth show The Remix, has come out as gay, Out & About newspaper reported Wednesday. “I know this will end my career in Christian television, but I must now [Read More...]