30 Days – Part 1 of 2

30 Days is a show on the FX network hosted by Morgan Spurlock from Supersize Me. The premise is that one person lives ouside his/her comfort zone for a month to see what happens. Previously, for example, a straight guy (and homophobe) lived with a gay guy and a devout Christian lived with a Muslim [Read More...]

Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University has this *crazy* rule that says campus groups cannot discriminate against potential members. An African-American group cannot say no to a white person joining, a feminist group cannot say no to a male joining… you get the idea. But when a Christian group says no to a gay student joining, that’s ok. [Read More...]

Discrimination Story

An atheist family lives in the panhandle of Oklahoma. The daughter is on her public school’s basketball team. Before a game, she refuses to say a prayer in the locker room. She also did not join the team in the on-court prayer before a game. She gets kicked off the team as a result. As [Read More...]

Dialogue at Parkview Christian Church

I was invited by Pastor Tim Harlow to join him in a discussion at his Parkview Christian Church a little over a month ago. As they were spending some time talking about the Da Vinci Code and the issues raised by the book/movie, it seemed like the topic of “Doubt” was an important one and [Read More...]