Boston Seafood Restaurant Promotes “Pescatarianism” by Riffing on the Bible

In a series of television and print ads for the Legal Sea Foods restaurant chain in Boston, the owners promote the religion of Pescatarianism with some biblical references:

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The Daily Show Explores (Non-Existent) Discrimination Against Christians in Arkansas

Last night, The Daily Show aired a segment in which Jordan Klepper visited Eureka Springs, Arkansa to look into discrimination… against Christians.

For some reason, the pastor he interviewed had a hard time articulating why Christians have it so rough…

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Today in Awkward Ad Placement…

I know that right-wing websites, like many websites, don’t have complete control over their advertising.

I know that even this site often has ironic faith-based ads (you’ve all sent me the screenshots).

But this is still pretty damn hilarious:

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These Cool Christians Will Convert You in No Time

These Christians are super-cool. They got one brown person. I think it means I’m next.

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Christians Don’t Really Want to See the Return of “Traditional” Marriage

DarkMatter2525 channels Gov. Rick Perry to tell us why traditional marriage, as stated in the Bible, must be protected at all costs!

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