We’re Going to Need More Exorcisms…

I can’t decide if it’s harder or easier to perform an exorcism when the devil never hides below the surface.


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Separation of Church and State? Not Today, That’s For Sure

There was plenty of God talk during the Inauguration festivities, with bibles, religious oaths, and multiple invocations. And it’s not going to stop there.


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Jesus Doesn’t Always Save the Day…

I don’t know why people are so excited for His return.


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After Comedian Refers to Communion As “Haunted Bread,” Priest Files Complaint with Irish Government

A comedian mocked the Catholic concept of communion — in which worshipers believe they are eating the actual body of Christ — on a recent episode of the Late Late Show on Ireland’s RTÉ television. In a nation where blasphemy laws still exist, priests aren’t handling the humor very well.


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“Exorcist” Bob Larson Repeatedly Touches Deranged Man with a Bible to “Cure” Him in This Video

Self-described exorcist Bob Larson works on his toughest demon yet in this Vic Berger supercut.


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