A Collection of Bill Maher “New Rules” About Religion

There are plenty of bits to choose from but these are pretty entertaining:

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Well, That’s a Weird Way to Remember the Ten Commandments…

You know how hard it is to memorize the Ten Commandments? (No? Who cares. Work with me here.)

That’s why the folks at Prayer Stop (which, ironically, could double as the name for an atheist group) created a mnemonic to help you remember all of them in order.

It’s so easy, even an 8-year-old can do it:

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About Those Churches That Prayed for LeBron James to Stay in Miami…

Now that LeBron James has announced his return to Cleveland with an enthusiastic “I’m not promising a championship,” I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of the Miami-based churches that were praying for LeBron to stay in South Beach using the hashtag #BandsForBron:

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Did I Win Your Contest, Ken Ham?

Creationist Ken Ham has announced a contest: All you have to do is cut out this image of him and “take him on an adventure”!

Winners receive a prize package (estimated value: $1,000) of Answers in Genesis propaganda and Creation Museum admission passes.

I’m pretty sure I won’t win the contest — nor do I really want to — but I couldn’t help but document our adventures together as we visited places I’m positive he’s never been to before!

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It’s Basic Christianity, People!

I guess conservative Christians really are following the Bible

Cartoonist Matt Bors has plenty more of what Jesus said at Medium.

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