I Don’t Remember Learning About That in Sunday School…

Why would they let the Atheist Pig teach Sunday School? He knows too much about the Bible to make the church happy.


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Samantha Bee Shows That American Muslims Are Doing Nothing… Wrong

Last night, Samantha Bee went to Dearborn, Michigan, with its large Muslim population, to find out why they’re not saying anything about the terrorists in their midst. Even though they totally are.


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The Catholic Vegan Dilemma: Can I Eat Communion Wafers?

Dan Piraro, the artist behind the comic strip Bizarro recently drew something for a friend of his celebrating her 33rd anniversary. She and her husband were raised Catholic, but they were joking about the communion wafer — the literal body of Christ — and whether vegans could eat it.

So he drew this:


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The Australian Sex Party Has the Greatest Campaign Video Ever

I don’t know much about Australian politics, but I feel very confident in saying you should totally vote for the Australian Sex Party in next week’s elections. Because if this (perfectly SFW) campaign video gives you any indication as to how they would govern, we’d all be better off with them in charge.


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What’s Stopping Donald Trump from Becoming a Self-Proclaimed Christian Leader At This Point?

Randall Stephens mocked up a book cover for Donald Trump‘s inevitable “Very Classy Book of Christianly Devotions”:


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