I Would Totally Buy a Ticket for This Saving Christmas Sequel

I know Kirk Cameron‘s Saving Christmas is the worst movie of all time, but Saving Christmas 2 is going to be *amazing*… because it seems to be produced by the same people who brought you Saw.

(This would be a good time for the NSFW tag. Lots of violence.)

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Makes You Really Want to Go to Church on Christmas, Doesn’t It?

How many of you have been like Devin, the “newly-atheist teen who’s making a point of not saying the prayers”?

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Glenn Beck: Making Fun of Jesus on Family Guy is Much Worse Than Crucifying Him

Over the weekend, Fox aired an episode of Family Guy called “The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin,” in which a set of characters set out to help Jesus lose his virginity.

Needless to say, many Christians weren’t amused — but their reactions often were amusing. Young Conservatives, for instance, speculated that

… the creative team who thought this episode would be funny likes to wash down their bowl of hellfire with a tall glass of blasphemy.

But some of the best commentary came from Glenn Beck and his radio show co-host Stu Burguiere on Tuesday. Reacting to the segment, they expressed a great deal of outrage, confusion about history, and general inanity.

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The Bible Doesn’t Always Change Your Life as Intended…

Click over to the Far Left Side and hover your cursor over the comic to see the bonus panel :)

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All Religions Are Beautiful — None More Than the Faith in the Picture of the Horse

To people who worship the Picture of the Horse, it’s hurtful and incorrect to think that they worship the horse in the picture. It’s a matter of settled doctrine that they worship the picture, not the horse.

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