Is There a Doctor at This Anti-Vaccination Rally?

Given how many people at anti-vaccination rallies think they’re medical experts, you’d assume you’d find a lot of doctors there, right…?


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I Didn’t Realize Communion Was Just Phase One

Who knew the body and blood of Christ were just the starting points for a much longer con?


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Finally, There’s a Fidget Spinner for Atheists

And you thought fidget spinners were only useful for teaching kids about the Holy Trinity…


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An Actress Gets High With the “Weed Nuns” Because Why Not?

Sunday School would be a lot more interesting this way.


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This Is How You Handle The Catholic League’s Criticism of Your New Movie

Bill Donohue, known for ranting against all things he deems anti-Catholic, criticized a comedy film depicting the Church.

So the filmmakers found a way to take advantage of it.


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