God’s Unrealistic Beauty Standards

14 - Unrealistic Body Image FlattenedTHUMB

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What’s the Opposite of Theodicy?

Why does a good God let evil happen in the world? Forget that question. Maybe we should be asking why a decent world permits God to do evil things…


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This Is the Perfect Protest Sign to Troll the Religious Right

I’ve seen a lot of clever protest signs over the past few weeks, but this one has to sting the Right.


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John Oliver Goes After Donald Trump’s Lies: When You Confuse Faith and Facts, It Actually Matters!

Last Week Tonight returned to TV last night with a lengthy rebuke by John Oliver against Donald Trump‘s lies and criticism of objective reality.


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Unintentionally Ironic Church Sign Encourages People To Avoid “False ‘Facts’ and Outright Lies”

Reader Marie-Pier spotted this church sign in Ottawa, Ontario… and it makes you wonder if anyone bothered to read it first.


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