Joel Osteen Wrote About a Guiding “Force.” Twitter Responded With Its Name

You can’t just tweet the equivalent of a green screen and expect everyone will answer your question the way you intended.


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Jesus Taking the Wheel Is An Awful Driving Strategy

This just seems like a horrible way to drive.


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An Atheist Must Be Running This Used Car Dealership

Reader Robert noticed this sign in Romeoville, IL over the weekend.

It’s nice to know this used car dealership is finally coming around to the atheist point of view.


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When It Comes to the Bible, “Read On” Can Be Awful Advice

Reader Chris noticed that his hotel room Bible actually contained some useful advice.


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Christian Writer Angered By Skit About Jesus Performing Miracles Under TrumpCare

A couple of days ago Funny or Die posted a short skit about how Jesus would’ve handled all those “miracles” if he acted like Republicans working on health care.

A writer for Christian publication Charisma thinks this is a form of persecution and hatred.


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