On the Tonight Show, Comedian Nick Thune Joked About What He’d Say As a Christian Youth Pastor

On last night’s Tonight Show, comedian Nick Thune spent four minutes mocking Christian culture by talking about how what he would say as a youth pastor (“They would hire me based on my beard alone”).

It’s not mean-spirited at all — I’m sure Christians would laugh at it, too — but it perfectly captures the lofty-but-empty rhetoric common to so many churches.


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Samantha Bee on Jeff Sessions: How Do You Screw Up the Question “Can Non-Religious People Think?”

On last night’s Full Frontal, Samantha Bee delivered a blistering critique of Sen. Jeff Sessions and his confirmation hearings to become the next Attorney General. That included his remark that atheists weren’t capable of understanding truth.


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Christian Evangelist: Don’t Let Dating Get in the Way of Your Relationship With God

In this cringe-worthy video featuring Christian evangelist Ron Luce, we learn that “God would blast Adam with His love… and that was the original love affair.” The moral of the story is that dating is only getting in the way of our relationship with God.


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If Only I Had Finished the KJV Bible, My Diabetes Would Be Gone By Now

You thought it’d be okay to stop reading the King James Bible after page 1,116? You fool.


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Thanks, Obama: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, wants to thank Obama — literally — for what he accomplished during his presidency.


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