One of Ebola’s Side Effects Could Be a Dangerous Turn Toward Science

Humorist Andy Borowitz cracks wise about the current health crisis:

There is a deep-seated fear among some Americans that an Ebola outbreak could make the country turn to science. In interviews conducted across the nation, leading anti-science activists expressed their concern that the American people, wracked with anxiety over the possible spread of the virus, might desperately look to science to save the day.

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Thanksgiving Dinner’s Gonna Be Awkward at This House…

After a conservative Christian (in red) posted an image on Facebook, her atheist sister (in black) emailed me the ensuing frustrating conversation…

You can’t unfriend relatives, can you…?

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I’m Gonna Get That Devil… With Mah Prayers

Gotta love Key & Peele. Especially the uncensored versions of their sketches. This one’s completely NSFW:

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That’s One Reason the Harry Potter Series is Different from the Bible

There are plenty more reasons where that came from.

You can find this image and many others like it on the Friendly Atheist Facebook page!

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16 Reasons the Harry Potter Series is Better Than the Bible

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses 16 reasons the Harry Potter series is better than the Bible:

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