Trumpcare: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, offers his analysis of Trumpcare, the replacement for Obamacare that would screw over millions of poor people but make rich people even richer.


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The Vaccine That Causes Autism Has Finally Found Its Proper Home

The meeting of imaginary creatures has now come to order and there’s a brand new member.


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Christians Are Treating a Comedy Skit About “Christian Persecution” As Proof of Actual Persecution

A sketch on a recent episode of Tracey Ullman’s Show was all about a job applicant whose interview goes sour when she mention she’s a Christian. Now, conservative Christians are treating the sketch as if this actually happens to them all the time.


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This Is the Least Uplifting Bible Verse I’ve Ever Read

I know Christians think Jesus is magic, but I had no idea He worked with special powder…


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Mr. Pibb Died For Your Sins

Easter’s still a month away but the grocery stores in the South celebrate earlier every year…


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