Beware the Institutes with Few Scientists…

The Discovery Institute.

The Institute for Creation Research.

Yep, this chart is pretty accurate. Especially the bottom right part of it.

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Why, God? Why? Why-Why-Why-Why-Why?

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Matt Dillahunty Deserved a Bigger Laugh for This Sye Ten Bruggencate Joke

On the latest episode of The Atheist ExperienceMatt Dillahunty and John Iacoletti took a call from a gentleman who wanted to present an argument against presuppositional apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate. The discussion led to Matt making an off-the-cuff zinger that deserved a bigger laugh than it got.

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Catholic League Whines About Louis CK’s Controversial SNL Monologue: “He Has Child Rape on His Mind”

If you saw Saturday Night Live‘s season finale over the weekend, you saw comedian Louis CK deliver another edgy monologue. Last year, when he hosted, he talked about God as an abusive husband. This weekend, he talked about how child molesters must *really* enjoy “molesting childs” if they’re willing to risk such a severe punishment for the crime.

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Duck and Cover: The Atheists Are Coming

YouTuber MisterSharp appears to have discovered a public information video on atheists from the 1950s.

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