Samson Gets His Revenge

DarkMatters2525 continues telling the story of Samson by focusing on story of Judges 15:

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A Love Song for Science

This video by AsapSCIENCE is adorable. And nerdy. And educational. And awesome. But mostly awesome.

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This Alternative to Natural Selection Makes Perfect Sense

Matthew Inman, the cartoonist better known as The Oatmeal, recently spoke at Zach Weinersmith‘s BAHFest, “a satirical conference on evolutionary biology” in which you present bogus theories using credible research.

Inman’s brilliant and hilarious speech offered an alternative to natural selection:

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Don’t Kiss This Priest’s Hand!

There’s a custom in some Catholic traditions where you’re supposed to kiss a priest’s hand. It’s a sign of reverence and respect.

But the priest in the video below clearly isn’t a fan of that ritual:

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An Easy Way for Christians to Determine if They’re Being Persecuted

I don’t even understand why there’s a left side to this flow chart:

(via Rachel Held Evans)

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