Well, He Asked For It…

If you get a tattoo that says only God can judge you, what else would you expect?


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We Couldn’t Have Been Created in God’s Image…

Forget the conversation about what color Jesus was, and let’s start talking about what species God is:


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In Support of Transgender Bathrooms: Liberal Redneck Edition

I’m having a hard time reconciling his words with his accent, but the Liberal Redneck makes a lot of sense when talking about anti-trans bathroom bills.


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Jesus Tells ISIS All About the Joy of Christmas in This Strange Music Video

I don’t know what I just watched, but it involves Jesus, ISIS, Santa, and the Almighty Amoeba. Everything about it is politically incorrect.

(NSFW. Obviously. You’ve been warned.)


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Pat Boone Says SNL’s “God is a Boob Man” Skit Is Satanic, Will Lead to Eternal Punishment

Christian crooner Pat Boone wasn’t amused when he saw SNL’s glorious send-up of God’s Not Dead 2. The premise of the satirical video is that an evil same-sex couple, aided by their Jewish ACLU lawyer, wants to force a Christian baker to publicly utter the words “God is gay.” Instead, just when she’s almost cowed into submission by the “liberal elites,” she finds her strength, and rousingly declares in a court of law that the Almighty is a “boob man.”

Cue the laughter — and the Christian outrage.


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