Atheist Comedian David Cross Explains Why God Allows Innocent Children To Be Shot to Death

Comedian David Cross — you might know him from Arrested Development — just came out with a new Netflix special, Making America Great Again.

It includes a bit all about why God lets kids get shot to death. And since Cross is an atheist, you know the answer isn’t going to please a lot of people in the crowd…


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John Oliver Tackles the Problem of Journalism in the Digital Age

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tackled the ever-growing problem of journalism in the age of the Internet: Other forms of media rely on it, everybody reads it, but very few people are willing to pay for it.

That’s a huge problem considering non-national newspapers are often the best watchdogs for local and state institutions.


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Pope Francis Creates Commission to Study Historical Role of Female Deacons

Pope Francis has formed a commission to study the history of women as deacons in the Catholic Church (a rank just below priests). The findings could lead to the Church to finally change its position on the matter. Because I guess you need 12 people to say “Yes, obviously. Why the hell are we still discussing this?” before it sinks in…


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Fact Never Had a Chance in This Fight

As anyone who’s been in an online argument knows, facts are no match for an angry mob that already disagrees with you.


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Donald Trump: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, made a video for the New York Daily News summarizing Donald Trump. Which is why this video is 87 minutes long. (I assume.)


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