That Explains Why the Birds Are Near…

Science: Taking all the romance out of love songs since 1543.


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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Bathrooms as Battlegrounds

On his show the other night, Seth Meyers gave a brief history of bathroom segregation and why current trans-inclusive bathrooms are nothing to worry about (no matter what Ted Cruz tries to tell you):


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Jesus is Returning Soon, Right?

It’s been long enough. How come Jesus hasn’t come back yet?

DarkMatters2525 gives us ten reasons why Jesus may not want to return…


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Jesus, Galled, Issues Trans Bathroom Commandment: “Poop and Get Out, Weirdos!”

According to the satirical website Political Garbage Chute, God’s Only Son gave a press conference over the weekend, clarifying the heavenly stance on bathrooms for trans people, and issuing an 11th Commandment that will be faxed “to all Christian churches in the U.S. by the end of the summer.”

“We were hoping that it wouldn’t come to this,” Christ said, “but watching our people get so heated and angry over transgender people’s bathroom choice just made us too apoplectic to do nothing this time. So we’re unveiling, for the first time in a long, long, long time, a new commandment. Number 11. Thou shalt just poop and get out, weirdos.”


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Samantha Bee Explains the Nasty, Racist History of the Religious Right

Last night, Samantha Bee discussed the history of the Religious Right.

That means talking about its racist past. Everything they’re doing to LGBT people today, they did to black people decades ago.


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