Forget Prayer; We Need Action

As usual, Jessica Hagy sends a powerful message very succinctly:


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Podcast Ep. 113: Julia Sweeney, Comedian and Author

At the recent American Humanist Association conference in Chicago, we spoke with comedian and author Julia Sweeney along with her daughter Mulan.


Julia may be best known for her years on Saturday Night Live, where she famously played the androgynous character Pat. But she has since written multiple one-woman shows and books which speak to her experiences as a cancer survivor (God Said, Ha!), atheist (Letting Go of God), and mother (If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother).

Speaking of which, if you haven’t heard Letting Go of God yet, stop what you’re doing and go listen to it. It’s an incredible, funny story of how Julia shed her Catholicism. (A condensed version of the show was featured on a 2005 episode of This American Life.)

We spoke with Julia and Mulan about how the character Pat would go over today, the movie Mulan finally watched for the very first time, and what Julia thinks about the new all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

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Bill Maher’s Hilarious Reason Rally Speech is Finally Online

Comedian Bill Maher couldn’t attend last week’s Reason Rally in person, but he sent a video message that is finally online. It’s as hilarious as you’d expect.


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If Only Jesus Really Spoke This Way…

I know I just posted one of these, but why not another one? Mallory Ortberg, who frequently rewrites Bible passages for amusement, replaced “Verily” with “Fuckin’ A.”


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The Insurance Plan We Really Need

Eric Idle just wants some protection from the religious opportunists who prey on the dead:


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