Creationist Ken Ham: Evolution Is All About Regurgitation and Indoctrination

Let me propose a new theory on Creationist Ken Ham: He doesn’t even think about insults anymore. He just takes whatever atheists say about Christians and throws it back on us. Even when it makes no sense.


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Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the Cosmos… While Eating Progressively Spicier Wings

He makes more sense with his mouth on fire than most people do ever.


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Does Anyone Proofread These Church Signs?

Give David Greenshell credit. He had to walk across a field to take this picture. But he says it was worth it.


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Allison Begs To Differ

Who knew a billboard could prove the Bible wrong?


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The History of the Entire World… in 20 Glorious Minutes

Somehow, Bill Wurtz‘s history of the entire world still makes more sense than anything you’ll find at the Creation Museum.


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