Look Who’s Appearing at the Atheist Strip Club Tonight…

On last night’s episode of The Simpsons (which you all totally watched), the local church needed to be rebuilt after a plane crashed into it. But those in charge of raising money for it worried about what might happen if their illicit gambling scheme didn’t work out…

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Saturday Night Live Mocks Dr. Ben Carson for Saying Homosexuality is a Choice Because Prison Turns Some People Gay

In case you missed it last night, Saturday Night Live ripped on Dr. Ben Carson for his recent homophobic comments during the “Weekend Update” segment… and kept going, joke after joke…

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It’s All Part of God’s Weird Plan…

We’ve all been there:

Click over to see what God’s plan looks like.

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This Handy Flow Chart Will Help You Figure Out Whether or Not to Vaccinate Your Child

Cartoonist and mother Chelsea Carr guides us through the vaccine question:

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Christine Weick, Who Denounced “Satanic” Monster Energy Drinks, Weighs In On “Stigmata Soda” On Tosh.0

[Caution: This post is possibly NSFW]

We’re not the only ones who can’t get enough of Christine Weick, the crazy Christian lady who warned last year that Monster energy drinks are the work of the devil. Weick, who has since drawn attention to herself and her faith in other questionable ways, appeared on comedian Daniel Tosh‘s eponymous TV show the other night. Not that she’s a big fan: the name Tosh, Weick says twice, is an acronym for “Taking Others Straight to Hell.”

But the two were (almost) cordial as Tosh bounced ideas for new, non-sacrilegious soft drinks off of Weick. Watch:

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