Black Lives Matter: Liberal Redneck Edition

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, explains #BlackLivesMatter to the people who just don’t get it. (Hi, angry commenters!)


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These “Trump Tracts” Will Help You Find Your Inner Salvation

Artist Ethan Persoff created “Trump Tracts” that are similar to those Christian “Chick Tracts” you often see handed out on college campuses.


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Third Eye Blind: “Raise Your Hand If You Believe in Science!” Republican Crowd: “Boooooo”

The band Third Eye Blind played a concert for charity outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night — which meant playing for a lot of people who were also in the area for the Republican National Convention. And by all accounts, it was a glorious evening, with the band trolling the mostly conservative audience.


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A Puppet Explains Why You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

There’s nothing in this video about vaccinations that you haven’t heard before… but there’s a puppet involved. So maybe now the deniers will listen.


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Why Do Evangelicals Support Donald Trump? Pot, Meet Kettle

Samantha Bee‘s staff recently attended the Western Conservative Summit in Denver. It’s an evangelical conference at which Donald Trump spoke, and they wanted to know what the hell Christians saw in this guy. It turns out Trump isn’t always the least thoughtful person in the room…


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