When Bible-Reading Includes Everything…

A note to Bible tutors: Remember to include all the stories in the Bible, not just the cherry-picked ones. The kids will undoubtedly thank you for it: (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Maybe You Shouldn’t Always Tell Your Kids the Truth

My favorite comedian Louis CK explains why you shouldn’t always tell the truth about science and the world to your seven-year-old daughter (NSFW language): She handled it pretty well, I think [Read more...]

How To Recruit Women Into Your Atheist Group

Watching this video by Spontatheist is like peering into a woman’s (non-existent) soul…: What did I learn from the video? If group leaders simply advertised on paper like this, they would have a hard time keeping the ladies away! And I’m sure there was something important in the last ten seconds of the video, but [Read More...]

It’s Missing a Scarlet A…

Over at Reddit, postguy2 created a new icon for atheism: Hmph. That man looks nothing like me. I’m deeply offended. [Read more...]

If God Held a Press Conference…

At least he’s honest (via SMBC Theater) [Read more...]