If Vatican City Were a TV Show…

There are already sex scandals, abuses of power, and incredible wealth on display… so it’s surprising the Vatican City hasn’t been made into a TV show yet. But at least we have cheesy 80s theme music now If only the show would go off the air… (via UiscMaster) [Read more...]

Heterosexual Questionnaire Extraordinaire

by Jesse Galef – Ever thought about the silly questions that gays and lesbians get asked? What would it be like to have that turned around? Check out this fantastic job done by Ashley Paramore and Greta Christina: The questions are from a tongue-in-cheek post by Joe Kort at Psychology Today. What was your favorite [Read More...]

A Malevolent Middle Eastern Dictator?

Greg van de Krol summarizes (via email) the recent chaos brought about by that awful dictator… No, not him. The other one: Speculation has been growing about whether God’s dictatorship will be the next to crumble under the demand for freedom that is sweeping the earth. Yahweh has now ruled without free elections for over [Read More...]

‘Name Something That Gets Passed Around’

This Family Feud clip will entertain all you evil, wicked heathens out there: (Thanks to Danny for the link!) [Read more...]

The Foundation of the Church

David Hayward admits that some Christian churches are built this way: You have to wonder how many rich pastors and televangelists would continue doing their job (preaching the Gospel?) if their salaries were reduced to what most of their audience makes. Would they have the conviction to keep preaching because “God called them to do [Read More...]