CERN-Day School

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A Flaw in the Golden Rule

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Jesus Died for Myspace in Heaven

Reader Myra sent along this church sign she saw in her area: But what does it mean…? Is Facebook screwed in the afterlife? Is it a list of three things that don’t exist? Friendster’s gotta be in hell, right? Her daughter offered this insightful suggestion: “Those idiots probably just got burned by Facebook’s IPO and [Read More…]

March 31, 2013: ‘Jesus, Take The Wheel’ Day

Whoever created this Facebook Event is a genius. An evil, dangerous, you’re-gonna-get-us-all-killed-you-brilliant-bastard kind of genius. Can Darwin Awards be given out en masse? I’m sure there will be a huge ceremony the next day Let’s hope everyone is an organ donor, too. [Read more…]

1Flesh is Wrong; Please Use a Condom and Practice Safe Sex

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