The Comment Thread for God’s Creation

God created the world in six days and then blogged about it. Paul Simms at the New Yorker lets us in on the comments people left for God on his day of rest: Going carbon-based for the life-forms seems a tad obvious, no? … Why are the creatures more or less symmetrical on a vertical [Read More...]

Amusing Commentary on Christian Love

A decade ago, Doug Fields wrote a book for Christian couples called 365 Things Every Couple Should Know. Seanbaby at Cracked has gone through the book and added all sorts of commentary: Ugh. Is there maybe a grosser way you could have put that? Like “After 60, your lover’s eyes will hatch millipedes that crawl [Read More...]

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Reader Alan‘s parents receive a magazine called The Banner published by the Christian Reformed Church. There’s a humor section in it and a recent issue had a compilation of silly things kids said… I’ve highlighted a few of them for you: Your call: Kids just unaware of what they’re saying? Or an early start to [Read More...]

If a Pastor Had to Confess…

If pastors knew they were going to be called out every time they told a demonstrable lie in the pulpit, would their sermons change? What if a buzzer went off every time they asserted something even they didn’t fully accept? How many pastors says things just because it’s what the people want to hear? (via [Read More...]

Beware of Cults

… and that’s how the character on the left got kicked out of church. (via Mimi and Eunice) [Read more...]