Seth MacFarlane’s Harvard Humanist of the Year Award Mentioned in New Yorker Profile

This isn’t breaking news or even close to it, but the latest New Yorker has a long profile of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. In it, writer Claire Hoffman mentions one of his honors that, with other celebrities, may have gone unacknowledged: [MacFarlane] has a more visible public persona than he did in the early [Read More…]

So That’s Why the Church Opposes Dungeons & Dragons…

The rest of the strip is here (via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) [Read more…]

Those Damn Atheist Cowards and Their Pseudonyms

Annie noticed this comment at Glenn Beck‘s website for the Todd Stiefel article I posted about earlier: Enough said. [Read more…]

Mr Deity Presents: My Best Friend, the Torturer

The always excellent Mr. Deity presents us with an absurd situation that is simply accepted by so many: loving someone who is set on torturing your loved ones. [Read more…]

God’s Hangover

(via The Atheist Pig) [Read more…]