Katie Holmes: Out of the Frying Pan…

I haven’t really followed the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce story because… well… who cares. But if it’s true that Scientology was the reason she left him and she wants to return to Catholicism, then this headline from The Daily Mash, a British satirical site, is perfect “I’m starting with the Pope and all his colourful [Read More…]

Atheists Will Enjoy These Poems (Really!)

Poet Philip Appleman has appeared on Moyers & Company a number of times over the years and there’s a collection of him reading his work on Bill Moyers‘ site. Atheists might appreciate a couple of them in particular “A Simple Explanation for Everything” (I love this one) … “Five Easy Prayers for Pagans” (from the [Read More…]

If Atheists Had Church Signs…

(via ThreeDigitIQ) [Read more…]

A Biblical Look at Abortion

Betty Bowers teaches us all about the relationship between God and abortions. Turns out, if you read the Bible, it’s not a big deal at all! [Read more…]

Who’s Your Savior Now?

Seen outside the Taste of Chicago today (click to enlarge): (Thanks to Maggie for the picture!) [Read more…]