The Best of Dave Silverman

This is just entertaining, especially if you’ve ever had the chance to hear American Atheists’ Dave Silverman on TV or in person The man knows how to stay on message. (via AtheistBillboards) [Read more…]

Pastor, What Are the Exceptions to the Rule?

If only Christians had the courage to question their pastors when they said something that made no sense… You can see how this exchange turns out at Sandra and Woo (Thanks to Jennifer for the link!) [Read more…]

Resetting the ‘Inappropriate Sexual Proposal’ Counter

(In response to this post) [Read more…]

Where Atheists Can’t Hold Office

(More information here) [Read more…]

Teaching the Conntruhversey

Zach Weiner found a way to defeat all those teachers who want to teach Creationism in the classroom: You can see how that plays out at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal [Read more…]