I’ll Take Mine Without Frosting

This video was ruined for me after I read the title. How dare they tease atheists like that… (Thanks to all 3298423 of you for sending me the link!) [Read more...]

Jesus vs. The Easter Bunny

The last time I posted one of religiousantagonist Mike Lee‘s videos, I called him “The Johnny Knoxville of atheism.” After watching his latest video, I stand by that. It looks like something right out of “Jackass.” I’ll admit: it made me laugh. Mike plays Jesus, chasing after the Easter Bunny, in public. (Video contains NSFW [Read More...]

The Kids Will Be Sondheimized

If you watched “Modern Family” this past Wednesday, you saw an episode in which Cam was (interim) directing a musical at Luke and Manny‘s school. At one point he says the line: This production was a joke until I introduced these children to the musical theater greats: Bernstein, Sondheim. Years from now some of these [Read More...]

Ricky Gervais’ Easter Message

The Wall Street Journal knows exactly what to do when there’s a religious holiday coming up: Have Ricky Gervais write an article about it. It worked incredibly well last Christmas, and now he’s back for Easter. This time, he’s talking about why he’s a better Christian than… well… most Christians. Because he actually follows the [Read More...]

How Religion Works

Here’s a helpful, humorous primer on religion, courtesy of MisterSharp: There’s a lot more sarcasm where that came from, too (Thanks to Lisa for the link!) [Read more...]