A Perfect Baby Prison

To survive, he must eat his way out: Who needs a crib, anyway? (via Cynical-C Blog) [Read more...]

Children Aren’t the Problem

It’s the adults who buy into all the superstitious nonsense, not the kids. Neil deGrasse Tyson elaborates: That was an excerpt from a longer talk Tyson gave at Google in 2009. You can see the full lecture here. (How are there so few people in the audience?! When a prophet speaks, everyone is supposed to [Read More...]

I Don’t See the Light

Gizmodo hypes science-free lightbulbs: The commenters there are not too happy with it. I get the underlying message of the picture: The lightbulb won’t turn on until you ditch faith. Yep. That’s gotta be it. Do you have a better explanation? Side note: I’m amused by the name of the Gizmodo contributor who posted that. [Read More...]

Where Science Meets Pseudoscience

Crispian Jago has created a wonderful Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense: See? I *told* you Buddhism was woo. [Read more...]

The Amazing Jesus – He Should Turn Professional

by Jesse Galef – Rowan Atkinson had such a great sketch as the devil, I went looking for more. And lo and behold, I found another hilarious bit of him as a vicar extolling the amazing entertainment of this Jesus character: Wouldn’t it be fun to perform this? (By the way, if you didn’t get [Read More...]