An Alternative Way to Spend Easter…

Father Phil Ritchie (from East Sussex in England) has an excellent suggestion for a better use of your time today: The problem with the church is that we stay inside our building and occasionally come out and say “Why don’t you come to our church, it’s cool and funky”. To be honest, it’s not. I [Read More…]

‘Kind Atheist’ Church Sign Battle

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They’re Always Grasping at Invisible Straws…

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nakedpastor: Let’s Go Bowling

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In the New Tea Party Coloring Book, a Page About the Pledge of Allegiance…

An image from Tea Party II: Why America Loves You! The Social-Activist Coloring Book for Kids: If you’re going to give it to your teacher, I suggest crossing out a couple of words with a black crayon. (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]