Adam and Eve Are Just Friends

As God rested, the let’s-just-be-friends zone was created on the 7th day… (via Atheist Media Blog) [Read more...]

Homeopathy in Comic Strip Form

This explains homeopathy beautifully: It’s still funnier than Garfield. (via Luke Surl Comics) [Read more...]

An Argument in Defense of the Serial Comma

A serial comma is the comma you use before the last item in a series of three or more things. With the serial comma: I went to the store to buy oatmeal, milk, and cookies. Without the serial comma: I went to the store to buy oatmeal, milk and cookies. There are arguments to be [Read More...]

I Want Baby Ruths for Halloween

(Or is is Babies Ruth?) Funny. I think this applies to atheists as well as witches… I prefer the King Size babies. (Thanks to Alan for the link!) [Read more...]

A Spaghetti Recipe with a Secret Ingredient

No wonder my spaghetti never comes out right. I never dry the children before adding them to the meal! We now have Holy Communion for the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Thanks to hoverFrog for the link!) [Read more...]