Why Did Touchdown Jesus Have to Burn?

Touchdown Jesus is no longer around. But why did the statue burn down? SFGate columnist Mark Morford has compiled a number of popular reasons God torched Jesus. These are just a few of the hilarious bits: 4] Oh sure, make all the jokes you want. “God struck down his only son. Again!” Or, “I guess [Read More...]

Penn Jillette on Catholics, Muhammad, and Glenn Beck

Penn Jillette has a number of choice quotes in an interview with Eric Spitznagel of Vanity Fair: … there was that ad in Variety from the Catholic League accusing you of “hate speech.” Well remember, the Catholic League is just one divorced guy in his garage. Or as Teller and I like to say, the [Read More...]

An Atheist Bear…

Who knew bears were atheists? Glad I could help educate you all. (Thanks to Amanda for the link!) [Read more...]

Buddhism Isn’t More Enlightened Than Other Faiths

Maybe certain religious beliefs are silly, but Buddhism’s ok, right? I’ve heard that line several times before… The problem is that Buddhism is still rife with superstition: Just as with Jainism, we’re talking about a religion/philosophy that buys into karma and reincarnation. Neither one is violent, to be sure, but they’re still making up stories [Read More...]

How to Get Out of Taking a Math Test

I’ll be honest… if any of my students presented this to me, I’d probably honor it: (via Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster) [Read more...]