In the New Tea Party Coloring Book, a Page About the Pledge of Allegiance…

An image from Tea Party II: Why America Loves You! The Social-Activist Coloring Book for Kids: If you’re going to give it to your teacher, I suggest crossing out a couple of words with a black crayon. (via Christian Nightmares) [Read more…]

Ich Bin Ein Polynomial

The Oatmeal has posted a follow-up to his last cartoon about atheism: No wonder people hate math so much… (via Atheist in a Mitten) [Read more…]

This is Our National Holiday, Right?

Considering how many Christians looooooove to point out that April Fools Day is an atheists’ holiday — They believe in reason and logic and science?! Fools… — I suppose it makes sense to hold the Reason Rally and Rock Beyond Belief events so close to it… [Read more…]

A Catholic Rally Protest Sign?

(In response to these posts.) [Read more…]

nakedpastor: Question Hatched

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