Resetting the ‘Inappropriate Sexual Proposal’ Counter

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Where Atheists Can’t Hold Office

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Teaching the Conntruhversey

Zach Weiner found a way to defeat all those teachers who want to teach Creationism in the classroom: You can see how that plays out at Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal [Read more…]

That’s a Unique Way to Protest the National Day of Prayer…

On the National Day of Prayer, a group of Christians were going to gather outside the Idaho Capitol Building. When it began to rain, they were invited inside… As it turned out, Mike Lee (the Religious Antagonist) had a protest of his own in mind: You would think the Christians would have been more thrilled [Read More…]

Want to be Stress-free? Become a Christian

A known issue which plagues almost every individual is the mental, emotional and physical tension known as stress. We do all kinds of things to be relieved of the Stress Monster: Turn to alcohol and drugs, watch television, exercise, eat comfort food, spend time with loved ones… You get the idea. People make a living [Read More…]