Wii: Prayer

I know this is fake. It has to be fake. But curse the creators for not providing us with a knowing wink, leaving me with some residual doubt. The use of the word “unauthroized” in the fine print in the opening seconds of the video helps my case that Prayer Works Interactive isn’t a real [Read More...]

Jesus Is Going to Jail

A Swedish man claiming to be the Son of God was sentenced to prison for a month for “unlawful driving,” after getting picked up by the cops four separate times without a license over the course of four months. On one occasion, the man also attempted to hide his expired registration tabs by fashioning false [Read More...]

Secular Student Alliance Introduction Video

Several months ago, Dano Johnson (the director of the wonderful, animated version of Flatland) and I began to talk about making a video in support of the Secular Student Alliance. He volunteered his services at no charge and stuck with us even when we requested changes late in the game. I’ll spare you all the [Read More...]


It might be blasphemous for some, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting hungry… That was created by Rev. C.S. Rowan at the forums of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Thanks to Ubi Dubium for the link!) [Read more...]

I’m (Not) With Stupid

Recently, Fred Phelps and the other nuts at Westboro Baptist Church protested near a midwest high school for no good reason (other than, perhaps, the existence of liberal faculty members…?). I’ve blurred out the school’s identifying information in the pic below, but you can see that several of the high school students staged a counter [Read More...]