The Christian Soldier Marches On

Marc Murphy of the Courier-Journal (Kentucky) says a lot with one image: (Thanks to Aaron for the link!) [Read more…]

Mr. Deity Creates Basic Human Rights

As long as Deity gets money, anything goes (via misterdeity) [Read more…]

I’m Still Awaiting the Update

(via Formal Sweatpants) [Read more…]

Holy Popsicles, Batman!

Chilean artist┬áSebastian Errazuriz will be handing out popsicles at his art opening this weekend at Gallery R’Pure in Manhattan’s Flatiron District… but these aren’t just any frozen treat. These popsicles are made from holy wine AND have cross-shaped tongue depressors with the Anointed One stamped on them. I think they’re just perfect for the summer, [Read More…]

Embracing the Atheist Afterlife

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