Pascal’s Roulette

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Family Guy Discusses ‘Faith Healing’

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but last week’s episode of Family Guy (now available on Hulu) had an interesting premise: When Stewie makes a new friend Scotty Jennings the Griffins invite him over for a play date. But when he collapses, they rush him to the hospital where they discover he has cancer. When [Read More…]

I’m Sure It’s In Here Somewhere…

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Did Jesus Ever Take a Crap?

Yes, says derrida114, but we never hear about it, because the Bible only tells us the highlights of Jesus’ life, not the mundane/boring stuff. That’s one of many things he says about Jesus in his most recent (and very entertaining) video… which also covers Tom Hanks and potato chips. Check it out! [Read more…]

Don’t Ever Let the Comment Trolls Bring You Down…

From the New Yorker: (“But that doesn’t apply to *my* site,” said bloggers everywhere…) [Read more…]