I Want To Be Your Indian Friend!

I just found out I cost only $19.95. That might explain why my phone has been ringing all day. I think it’s funny, dammit. (via Sepia Mutiny) [Read more...]

Comedian Patton Oswalt Explains the Origin of Religion

Here’s comedian Patton Oswalt, from his latest standup special My Weakness Is Strong!, explaining how religion was invented. It has to do with cake. (Thanks to Josh for the link!) [Read more...]

Child Setting for a Microwave

I approve of this microwave setting: (Thanks to Josh.f13 for the link!) [Read more...]

Refusing an Atheist Cashier

The ending to this exchange is priceless: Me: “That will be 17.50, please.” Customer: “Are you a Christian, dear?” Me: “Why do you ask?” Customer: “Are you?” Me: “Well, no. Why do you want to know?” Customer: “Oh. I would like to be helped by someone else, please.” And this happened in the Netherlands!? I [Read More...]

Now I’m a Believed-er

I would totally wear this t-shirt: It’s not offensive, it raises questions, and it could begin many a discussion. Perfect. (via nakedpastor) [Read more...]